I Read A Book Last Night

I know! Wild, huh?

It wasn’t anything special, a ‘soft SF’ – meaning a story set in a science-fictionalised universe, but focusing on the characters and not so much on technology, or ‘hard SF’. (a broad description of the two terms but accurate enough for my purpose) – but I enjoyed it … and that got me to thinking.

Since my ‘unmotivation singularity’ epiph, (which is the past-tense-adjective-dangling-participle-with-a-side-order-of-curds-and-whey-broken-motivator, of ‘epiphany’) I’ve been focused on The Wunder-Lusters stuff, and Corvid-19-proofing our home/lives as much as I can. It’s not that I expect to catch the virus, or die if I do, it’s more that I don’t trust my species not to act like chooks with their heads cut off in the coming few months and thereby spreading the little greeblies far further, and swifter, than they otherwise might get.

One human = perfectly sane (relatively speaking) … a gaggle of humans = a fear-filled, out-of-control mob. Not always, of course, but far more often throughout our bloodied history than probably any of us are comfortable acknowledging.

Anyway, back to my epiph … because I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of reading words on a page, all lined up in a comprehendable  (t’is too a real word … now) and pleasing-to-the eye, order, I felt the stirrings of a desire to get back to my own comprehendable, and pleasing-to-the eye, ordering of words upon a page.

So come Monday there shall be great loin-girding here upon Widder Island, and writing of my books shall recommence!


And for those of you who missed out on the truly spectacular magnificence that was The Far Side, fear not, for his Eternal Magnificence, Gary Larson, has consented to bring back his Good Works and display them online … every day … for free.

My favourite one ever, (I’m eagerly waiting for it to show up in the daily selection) is of a bunch of animals, including a giraffe, riding along in a convertible. (just go with it) The animal driving sees a low clearance bridge ahead and yells to the others, “Duck!” … The giraffe looks up, and, of course, says, “Where?” An old joke but in Gary’s hands, a work of art.

Go forth, oh Fallen Acolytes, and rejoice again! … seriously, if you love slightly twisty, frequently insanely twisty, yet brilliant ‘toons, go check out The Far Side.


36 comments on “I Read A Book Last Night

  1. I’m not afraid of the virus – I’m more worried about the panic pandemic and people. Honestly some humans!!

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  2. Thanks for the link to the Far Side. It’s one of my faves, along with Calvin and Hobbes.

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  3. Sue Vincent says:

    It is common sense to be careful…but I really don’t understand the mass panic we seem to be seeing…

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    • Widdershins says:

      My (not so 🙂 ) ‘umble thoughts on the matter – when faced with their fears, and the feeling of being completely impotent against what feels like a slow-moving tsunami, people tend to equate action, any action, with being in control. Throw into the mix our fabulous herd mentality, useful in a lot of circumstances, but not-so-much in this one, and you get a world-wide shortage of toilet paper.


  4. Suzanne says:

    The panic is crazy over here. Throughout the land there is no toilet paper to be seen. I hope your writing goes well. Like you I am suddenly rediscovering the pleasure of reading books rather than electronically produced stuff. My latest fav is eco- fictiIn though I will check out your far side link – thanks for posting it.

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  5. When the world is obsessed with hate and fear – even of our own species, of course there will be panic. Soft SF might be my preference if I read any.

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  6. quiall says:

    The order in which you pen your missive
    touched a bone and made me laugh
    pray continue with your tome
    then all may want your autograph!

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  7. My favorite Gary Larson is an elephant asking where Frank is, and Frank is smushed against the elephant’s butt. For the life of me, I can’t recall what kind of animal Frank was. Only his look of anguish. lol Happy writing!

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  8. acflory says:

    Totally agree re the human race and the Covid-19 virus. So glad you’re virus proofing Widds World. And what better time to start writing again? Go you. 🙂 And stay healthy.

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  9. selizabryangmailcom says:

    It was like Armageddon at CostCo the other day. I feared for my life. All I wanted was some tuna and some booze!

    Love The Far Side.
    One of my favorites was two people sitting in a living room. Behind them in a corner, a giant squid is curled up in a corner with its tentacles curled around a dog and the man’s saying “If you get them both as pups, they get along fine….”

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  10. I fear that the COVID mobs are going to spread their germs, particularly those who believe the virus is a hoax. Honestly, the imbecility is stunning.

    Anyway, yay for reading and for Gary Larson. We might as well meet the end laughing.

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  11. Sean says:

    I’m going to focus on the Far Side and try to remember the positive things about humanity rather than how irrational we can be in times of crisis.

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