Widdershins and The Wunder-Lusters

I’ve been through some evolutions in my life. Some of ’em I’ve mentioned in passing on my ‘About Me’ page, and a whole lot more of ’em are in ‘Prelude’ (which is half shaman-y Journeys and half autobiography)Β  but, apart from two highlights, (my motorcycle accident, and emigrating here to Canada from Australia) nothing comes close to what I, (along with Mrs Widds, of course) am about to undertake.

Our story begins in the back-yard of a cottage, on an island, in the middle of a lake.

(Note to self: remember that line for when Hollywood comes a-knocking to make a star-studded movie … no, a star-studded movie franchise, outta this!)

So, The Wunder-Lusters …

For the new kids in town, and I seem to get about half a dozen new subscribers every week, and for some unknowable reason, even more when I go through ‘dry spells’ where I don’t publish anything, (like the gap that was half of January and February) The Wunder-Lusters will be the name of our YouTube channel where we’ll be documenting our adventures … going from our little cottage, (on an island, in the middle of a lake) to living in our travel-trailer full-time, exploring the length and breadth of British Columbia, nay, the length and breadth of Canada, (we’ll see how far we get) whilst keeping a weather-eye out for our forever home, our Sanctuary.

That’s the big picture. The smaller picture is … smaller … so, we return to our back-yard.

It’s a small back-yard and at this time of the year the very tall fir-trees along our southern fence line leave their shadows across it all day long. Because we’re going to make some fairly significant modifications to our (8M/25′) trailer so that two women, who like their spaaaace, can live in it full-time and not kill each other, we needed a place to work that was protected from the elements.

We have a patio attached to the house that’s just a roof, so we covered the three exposed sides with plastic. (unfortunately we rent so we can’t do any major, nor obvious, nor permanent, renovations)

We knocked together a minimalist framework …

Minimalist framework (night-time photos because I forgot to take them during the day)

Minimalist framework (night-time photos because I forgot to take them during the day)

Then we duct-taped the edges of our plastic sheeting and stapled the lot to the framework, creating wide doors, for the goings-ins and the coming-outs of various projects in various states of completion …

Wide door #1 and assorted 'stuff'

Wide door #1 and assorted ‘stuff’

The other door - with slightly less stuff

The other door – with slightly less stuff

The patio has always had a few leaks so Mrs Widds scooted up the ladder onto the roof and took care of the ones we could find, but like typos, there’s always one that escapes even the sternest scrutiny.

Our next task was to create a workbench … out of … well, we didn’t have enough bits of timber left, but luckily I found this underneath a pile of junk a previous tenant had left behind …

As punishment for putting all those staples IN the plastic I now had to pull gazillions of the little buggers OUT of the frame

As punishment for putting all those staples IN the plastic I now had to pull gazillions of the little buggers OUT of the frame

Once the frame had dried out – this was during the four months of rain we had from November 2019 to … now really, (with assorted sunny bits of late) we plonked it down on a couple of bookshelves we ‘liberated’ from my books, threw a slab of plywood on top, and voilΓ‘ …

Instant workbench - fully loaded with a pot of tea (for me) and mug of coffee. (for Mrs Widds)

Instant workbench – fully loaded with a pot of tea (for me) and mug of coffee. (for Mrs Widds)

And that’s where we’re currently at.

Our first official project involves this interesting little sketch I made. Lets see if you can guess what it is …

In the meantime – I continue to learn about the making of, and editing, videos, whilst being regularly startled at how broad my Aussie accent is. Just goes to show, you can take the woman out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the woman, even after nearly sixteen years … mind you, I also occasionally shift to a strange hybrid English accent as well, sometimes in the same sentence.

Ready for the toasting of toes, boiling of kettles, and relaxing of bones into chairs

Ready for the toasting of toes, boiling of kettles, and relaxing of bones into chairs

38 comments on “Widdershins and The Wunder-Lusters

  1. anita dawes says:

    That looks like the blueprint for some kind of chair… I’m getting excited now…

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  2. I’m inspired with awe – especially at Mrs Widds scooting up the ladder. No idea what the project is. I see the chair leg as a component – can’t read the label marking the two big feet.

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  3. acflory says:

    Hah! I’m looking forward to hearing your hybrid Aussie. πŸ˜‰ Btw is that sketch supposed to be of some kind of fold up chair? I say fold up because I assume space will be tight in your camper. Oh, and awesome project, but what will the two of you do when the weather turns really cold?

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  4. quiall says:

    And adventurous soul cannot be contained. But a cuppa makes all the difference. If you hit (figuratively speaking) Southern Ontario, let me know. I’m in Oakville and I would live to stand you a cup of tea.

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  5. Exciting developments!

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  6. Running Elk says:

    Super impressed by the engineering standard of the blueprints. Don’t often get to see the “acceptable error” Β± these days. Little concerned that there is no quanta of the margin allowed, but have assumed the “best practice” default applies.
    I’m guessing “Very narrow bunks for visitors”? :/
    Looking forward to the adventures ahead! πŸ˜€

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  7. tidalscribe says:

    Looking forward to following the adventure – I have always had a yearning to set off in a canal boat or a camper-van. One year my brother and sister-in- law came over from Australia and hired a small camper van for seven weeks with plans to do England Scotland, Germany and France. They only made it round Devon and Cornwall then up to the Lake District! Because they were enjoying it, not because of the van’s motor!

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  8. bone&silver says:

    Oh I can’t wait to hear/watch/read about these adventures, it’s going to be amazing. I’m a little jealous. You will have a wonderful, enlightening, & challenging time indeed πŸ™‚

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  9. A.S. Akkalon says:

    A very mysterious project. With you being an Aussie and all, I can only guess… a dunny. πŸ˜‰ Of the throne variety, of course.

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  10. That’s a cool work studio. I’m very impressed with the Missus and your handiwork. My dad, who liked to build things from stuff he found, would’ve given you a big thumbs up with a shot of whiskey. I thought of you the other day when I saw two women about our age at a park view spot. They were getting ready to head out in their van. Yes, think big: A movie franchise! πŸ™‚

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  11. There you go – I had no idea you were an Aussie Widds. Nice to know – nice to see you’re being verbose again too. Bout time. 🦘

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