Some Days, This Is All You Need To Make It Better

35 years later and she’s still …


19 comments on “Some Days, This Is All You Need To Make It Better

  1. When I first saw the trailer on TV I thought it was a commercial and wondered what topic it could be. lol She reminds me of a couple old ladies I encountered today.

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  2. What Sarah Connor doesn’t know about delivering Terminators severe face-pastings probably isn’t worth knowing.

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  4. Yeah, I noticed that the other day, and I let out a whoop of joy. πŸ˜€

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  5. She’s back!!!!

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  6. Jay says:

    I haven’t seen any of these movies and don’\t really care about the franchise but when I saw her slide up in the trailer she looked totally badass.

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  7. Yes I love Sarah Connor. I used to Channel her stoic game face when I had to face my sons teachers at school sometimes. There was this particular one that annoyed the hell out of me. If I don’t Channel Sarah I end up turning into a student myself and muttering that yes yes yes we will all obey to her nonsense.

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  8. Can’t think of a better use for channeling the spirit of Sarah Connor then going toe to toe with a self-important stern schoolteacher.

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