It’s all perfect, and it’s all terrible, and it’s alright

Some thoughts on Life, and Death, and how they’re so intimately connected … from a man called Tim, who lives in Ireland and recently lost his son.

9 comments on “It’s all perfect, and it’s all terrible, and it’s alright

  1. I was transfixed by this philosophical journey. Thanks, Widdeers

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  2. Mama lost one baby at childbirth and the other when she was about 1.5 years. I was between the two girls. I was 18 or 19 when Mama finally raised herself out her grief. I may be wrong about this: I always thought the catalyst for her was a thunderous evening in September when one of her aunties told the other aunties to let Mama cry as much as she needed and wanted. Thanks for sharing the video, Widders. Now that I’m working in the garden, I’m grasping more and more about what this Irish father talked about.

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  3. Val says:

    Lovely. I don’t have children but I feel this way about my mum who I lost many years ago. She’s in my garden – my heart – even though she never ever saw it, never knew it would exist in my future.

    I’m so glad you commented on my post (‘weeed’) in Eliza’s blog, it made me find yours. 🙂

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    • Widdershins says:

      Hi, Val … pleased to meet’cha 🙂 … welcome to my little corner of the interwebz 😀
      I find it fascinating how we come across each other via our blogging interactions. It’s that ‘multiverse’ concept that catches my attention … one step this way and that’s the Path we’re on and a step in another direction, and that’s the Path.

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