I Confess Myself Disappointed, and Other Nonsense on a Sleepy Sunday Afternoon

Yes, in the immortal words of the almost immortal L. Voldemort, the quality of today’s scammers has left me disappointed.

I received an email today wherein I was informed that my Facebook account has won a million (US) dollars. Not me, myself, mind you, but my account.

I don’t have a facebook account.

Shocking, I know!

Shocking, I know!

They requested all the usual things, name, telephone number, where I work, how old I am, but what obviously tagged them for crass amateurs was that they also wanted my marital status.

In my day, no self-respecting scammer would’ve needed my marital status to fulfill their scammerly responsibilities to their nefarious overlords. Derelict dilettantes, all of ’em!

Where are the halcyon days of Nigerian princes and impoverishedΒ  European royalty who just needed a kind and understanding helping hand?

On the other hand, they did sign off politely… and I quote: ‘Office of the President, CEO of Facebook, Mr Mark Zukerberg’ … calling him, ‘Mr’ was a nice respectful touch, I thought.


Lets talk about ‘dark matter’. Scientists have weighed and measured the universe and they can’t find enough ‘stuff’ (that reflects light so they call it ‘light’ matter) to account for how big it is and why it hasn’t collapsed back in on itself like one of those bouncing castles that’s sprung a leak. So they decided there was a whole of ‘stuff’ out there they called ‘dark matter’ because they couldn’t see it, measure it, etc.

As is the way of scientists when faced with such dilemmas they did Experiments … and slowly discovered a great many things that dark matter wasn’t … but nothing that could tell them what it was.

The answer is simple, of course, all that dark matter is simply unused magic. Think about it, if all the light matter is recognized by science to obey (love that word in this context) scientific principles, then it stands to reason that something that completely ignores all their instruments and experiments, (which I’m sure pisses them off no end) would be … magic!

It's magic!

It’s magic!


Did you know that irises have seeds?

We have a wild stand of them along the back fence that dutifully flower every spring …



… and keel over in autumn.

I thought they did the whole expanding bulb thing to be fruitful and multiply, but no … well they do, but they also have seeds.

Once the flowers die they leave behind pods that look like this …

Gorgeously green

Gorgeously green

And when the pods dry out, they shower forth seeds that look like this …

Fascinating little greeblies, aren't they?

Fascinating little greeblies, aren’t they?

Last year I collected a few pods-worth of the seeds and promptly forgot about them until I was looking for the seeds to go in the bean pyramid/tipi.

I tossed a few of these into a couple of paper cups with some of the soil from the pyramid garden and waited … and waited … and waited … and gave up on them … and then …

Life ... always finds a way

Life … always finds a way

I love Mother Nature

Never predictable, never defeated

Never predictable, never defeated

(This is a given, but I do like to toss a disclaimer out there every now and then … all the pictures are either from Microsoft Word’s clipart collection, or my own trusty little i4 phone)


28 comments on “I Confess Myself Disappointed, and Other Nonsense on a Sleepy Sunday Afternoon

  1. I am happy to announce that the two baby coffee plants given to us by neighbors in our new abode, which I have named Castor and Pollox (the plants, not the neighbors), of course, are doing fine. I still manage to keep houseplants alive.

    May you be blessed with many irises.

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  2. tidalscribe says:

    It’s a goood thing humans don’t have more than one way of reproducing, like plants do, the world really would be overpopulated then.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Suzanne says:

    I really like the idea of dark matter being uneedused magic. That makes perfect sense. The bit about iris seeds is fascinating. I will check mine later in the year.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Sue Vincent says:

    Iris seeds float… the ones n the pond linger for ages, till they eventually disappear and the irises multiply, fuelled, of course, by a bit of that spare magic πŸ˜‰

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  5. jenanita01 says:

    I think you’re right about the origins of magic… and I love that scientists will never be able to measure/label/dissect it!

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  6. Mother Nature is more trustworthy than scammers

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  7. Olga Godim says:

    Unused magic – yeah! I love the idea.

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  8. Black matter equals magic. Most definitely! The first workbook I wrote was about the solar system. Mama couldn’t believe that the black space was actually not. I didn’t know that about iris seeds. Maybe I’d have better luck growing seeds.

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  9. Hm, I’ve seen those pods many times before. I think I will have to start collecting seeds. πŸ™‚

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    • Widdershins says:

      I never thought about it either until the pods had dried out, opened up, and the seeds were falling out … and I thought, hmmm, I wonder … πŸ˜€


  10. Jay says:

    My little nephew loves to prank call me. He doesn’t understand that his mom’s name shows up on my phone, and that I obligingly answer like I have no idea what’s going on. His go to scammer persona is Barry, from the Bird Sanctuary. He is soliciting donations to save the birds. He will sometimes threaten me, or the birds, in order to secure donations. But if you offer to send money, he slams the phone down because he hasn’t thought that far ahead. So he’s really neglected the most important part of scamming – actually getting money. He just thinks the trick is the best part.

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  11. Ellen Hawley says:

    I think the missing matter is the information your scamsters don’t have. Tell them everything they want to know and the universe will balance. Keep it to yourself and the universe will be more interesting.

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  12. scammers leave me cold…I don’t have any use for those who use fear to get something. Magic on the other hand… leaves me wanting more

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