A Narrowboat across the Pontcycsyllte Aqueduct

One of the things I’ve been doing of late in order to save my sanity, whilst I joust with all things formatting to get Prelude up and running, has been watching Youtube videos.

I have a couple of favourite channels, one of which is The Narrowboat Experience, which chronicles the experiences of two young women, (and their cats, Munchie – the grey lad at the beginning of the video, and Alice, who is black and has black cat ‘tude) as they live full-time on their narrowboat,Β and traverse the canal system of Britain.

They usually post once a week-ish, (sometimes more, occasionally less) and I settle back with a pot of tea and indulge their adventures, or if I have the time I go back through their archives to where it all began, to their very first video.

Today they posted about their trip across the Pontcycsyllte Aqueduct, across the River Dee in Wales, on their way to LLangollen. The aqueduct is very, very, narrow and very, very high, as you will see…


41 comments on “A Narrowboat across the Pontcycsyllte Aqueduct

  1. msjadeli says:

    Very very awesome. It’s such a quiet and beautiful journey through nature.

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  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Sounds like a good watch for saving sanity … always fancied a narrowboat…

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  3. What fun! A tiny house on the water.

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  4. I can see getting absorbed in these types of shows. A brain vacation. πŸ™‚

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  5. tidalscribe says:

    I have crossed the Pontcycsyllte Aqueduct and still don’t know how to spell or pronounce it! It was when I was 21 and meant to be back in Australia – I cadged a spare berth with my friend and her family going on a 2 week canal holiday. I love narrow boats and canals, but have never been on another such holiday. I don’t like heights, well not heights with lots of space underneath – but luckily I had no idea what we were going to go over! Canals are a great way to see the country.

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  6. jenanita01 says:

    We have lived on the water once a long time ago. We discovered that locks are impossible if it’s raining, so avoided them like the plague. I could live on a static houseboat though…

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  7. An attractive gentle way of living/travelling from a bygone age ( a bit cramped for me)

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    • Widdershins says:

      Me too. I like a little more breadth. πŸ™‚ … it seems that licences to live permanently on the canals are increasing. Mobile (skinny) apartments anyone? πŸ˜€ … and it is perfect if you have an income that isn’t dependent on a static location.

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  8. Olga Godim says:

    Fascinating! Thanks for posting this video.

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  9. Thanks for sharing. They’re lifestyle is so cool.


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