A Black Forest Walk

When I was a kid we had an old fashioned radio. It wasn’t old-fashioned then though, it was the height of elegance.

It stood taller than me at the time, and was a solid hardwood box, stained a rich burgundy color with interesting art deco curves. It was brought alive by a mysterious array of vacuum tubes that had to warm up before any radio magic happened. Reception was iffy and dependant on equally mysterious ‘signals’ that emanated from somewhere ‘in town’. Being way out in the boonies this was our source of information about the world beyond our valley, and our main source of ‘live entertainment’.

I didn’t understand much of the information side of things, apart from getting out of the adults way if they heard anything that might’ve upset them, but I did enjoy the music. Both the classical music and the ‘top of the pops’ stations were heard throughout the day, interspersed with current affairs and general chat shows.

One of which was the Bob Rodgers Show, which I remember nothing of, except the theme music.

It was a boppy little piece composed by one Horst Jankowski, as performed by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.

For your listening pleasure, and may it brighten up your day as it did mine today as I listened to it for the first time in many decades, I present …

A Walk in the Black Forest … take it away Herb!


47 comments on “A Black Forest Walk

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    That took me back a bit 🙂

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  2. acflory says:

    Oh my…memory lane, indeed. 🙂 I don’t think we received that show you mentioned, Australia was always a long way behind the times, but I LOVED Herb Alpert as a teenager. In fact, I may still have an ancient LP lurking under the house somewhere….

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  3. This really swings!

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  4. tidalscribe says:

    I reckon that tune has been used as a theme for quite a few programmes.

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  5. What fun zippy music. Thanks for the listen. 🙂

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  6. Joan Y. Edwards says:

    Dear Widdershins,
    I love it when you take us to part of your past! Thank you.

    Never Give Up!

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  7. TanGental says:

    Herb! I’ve missed you. Where have you been? That takes me back to a parallel universe of school shorts and cucumber sandwiches and unfeasibly large grandma’s bloomers

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  8. jenanita01 says:

    Memories, where would we be without them?

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  9. jenanita01 says:

    Just to let you know, we posted our review for Prelude yesterday. I couldn’t think how else to let you know, as don’t have a twitter handle or email address for you…

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  10. My mother used to listen to the radio in the kitchen after our lights out. It was only years later that she informed us that when we turned our lights back on the reason she knew was because she heard the click on the radio 🙂

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  11. Olga Godim says:

    So charming!

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  12. A lot of Herb Alpert was played in our household – my parents liked to dance to it. Such a clean sound. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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  13. Suzanne says:

    Now there’s a tune that takes you back!

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  14. We had 2 or 3 Herb Alpert albums and I played them often on the stereo console that the parents bought a year or so after we moved in our new house. Radio reception was bad so I’m very grateful they thought music was important to bring into the house.

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  15. Oh, my gosh golly, that certainly brings back memories! My mom had that record.

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