Bon Voyage, Carol Channing

The woman with one of the most distinctive voices on Broadway, television, and film.

97 is a damn fine innings.

Wherever she is now, I suspect she’s getting a standing ovation. Break a leg, Carol.

7 comments on “Bon Voyage, Carol Channing

  1. colonialist says:

    There’s a blast from the past! Good innings, indeed.

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  2. So sad to hear. I remember her well from the much younger days.

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  3. There’s a new singing show on TV in which celebrities wear masks while they sing and other celebrities guess who they are. Last week, a singer gave the clue that she was from San Francisco. All I could think of was Margaret Cho and Carol Channing. She was the perfect Hello Dolly!

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  4. […] couple of weeks ago I did a ‘Bon Voyage’ post for Carol Channing, and I couldn’t find a video that epitomized her. I went with one I liked, but it […]


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