One (there are many) Of My Favourite Things … Two, If You Read The P.S.’s

It took me a long while to get into on-line comics, not being into them as a child (and the general unavailability of any such reading matter where I grew up) but, as an adult with a certain number of decades under my belt, I’ve come to appreciate them.

Lately I’ve noticed a bit of a trend wherein, for whatever reasons, artists are pulling posts from their archives and re-running them, sometimes with a bit of current commentary. It’s an great way of catching up, without binge-reading.

‘Doonesbury’ is doing it, (with his Monday to Saturday posts being consecutive strips from the archives and Sunday being the only new one) as is with ‘Girls With Slingshots’ and ‘Breaking Cat News’, (which I just discovered recently – it’s a perfect anthro-catly view of life)  just to name a few of my favourites. Which is great because these strips have a long history and it’s fun reading them from the perspective of time.

Best ‘toon’ aggregate site ever? – Go comics.

My absolute favourite, that I’ve been reading for years now (and binge-read from the beginning) is Questionable Content – Go Faye and Bubbles!

So, who’s yours? I’m always on the lookout for new ones.


P.S. I’ve turned into an amateur earthquake-ologist and lava-ologist.

I’ve learned so much from that live-streaming global earthquake channel on Youtube, Dutchsinse that I mentioned a couple of posts ago. He does a weekly Global Earthquake Forecast every Sunday night. Worth a watch, even just once. It has truly boggled my mind how the WHOLE planet is connected. I mean, I knew it was but this really brings it home.

P.P.S. If you’re following along with the on-going volcanic event in Hawai’i, this bloke, Scott, of ApauHawaiiTours has some up-close-and-personal videos that are also for the blowing of the mind. I gather his tour business is on a bit of a hiatus,(on account of lava) so he’s creating what amounts to an archival account of the entire eruption.


16 comments on “One (there are many) Of My Favourite Things … Two, If You Read The P.S.’s

  1. I have never forgotten an illustration in an American horror comic almost 70 years ago. Speak, hear, and see no evil depicted with the relevant features stitched up.

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  2. Thankyou so much for the link to GO COMICS.
    I used to love the ‘ol Archie comics as well as Fantastic Four from the 1970’s.
    Phantom was good too but I always wished they’d come in colour.
    Would love to know if anyone could recommend an on-line site where you can read Spiderman, Silver Surfer and Hulk comics from the 70’s.

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    • Widdershins says:

      You’re welcome. 🙂 … I think if you did an interwebz search for something like ‘read spiderman comic online’ you’d probably find it out there somewhere. 🙂


  3. I’ve been guiltily using Go Comics for a while now. Gultily, because I have no interest in their paid features but tried to send a donation and no way to do that, and they wanted me to remove my ad blocker, so I tried that, and got completely inundated so had to go back to blocking.

    Favorite is Stone Soup, though Jan Ellis is only doing a new Sunday comic now. And a bunch of others about families, such as For Better or Worse and, oddly enough (because the drawings are so odd (the parents look like the kids), Foxtrot.

    Just got back from my first Hawaii vacation – the hype is much hyped re lava and smoke plumes. We were on Maui, and the actuality is much more like coverage of mudslides and forest fires: bad, locally, but not apocalyptic, people.

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  4. Keeping track of earthquake activity isn’t such a bad idea here in the NW. Thanks for the link!

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  5. When we subscribed to a city newspaper once upon a time, we had the luxury of reading two pages full of comic strips. I would read the strips a certain way so the last ones were my favorites. Other than Baby Blues I can’t remember what strips I read.

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  6. Jay says:

    You are a fountain of good recommendations.

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  7. I must have a look at Breaking Cat News! 🙂

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