Down The Volcanic Rabbit Hole

Some interesting thoughts I’ve been having on a lovely sunny Widder Island day …

I’ve had a lifelong attraction with all things geologic since I first figured out how my favourite swimming hole formed in the middle of a sandstone rock formation when I was about … hmm … well, certainly before my teens.

A week ago-ish Hawaii came up on my ‘radar’ when Pele told Kilauea to get out of bed and clean her room. She threw her clothes out the door and they landed in a neighbour’s backyard in and around Leilani Estates. (which is a highly stylised version of events that are still taking place today with the opening up of yet another fissure, the 16th, this one with its very own lava flow – Saturday 12th May)

Something about the eruption caught my attention and so I started digging, via the video behemoth that is YouTube and after following many trails that led to cute kittens, calving icebergs, and how to make fairy log homes out of ‘paper clay’ I ended up at the ‘Great Crack’ on the south-eastern coastline of the island of Hawai’i. If you do a google maps search for ‘Great Crack Hawaii’ you’ll see that it’s a whole lot longer that the eight miles as noted in the Wikipedia entry. It basically runs from just west of the Kilauea crater to the sea.

We think the ground is solid under our feet, but it isn’t.

I also found this channel, Dutchsinse. Dutch has a live feed of a map of the world that registers all the earthquakes, large small and otherwise, that occur all over the world. Once or twice a day he analyses what’s happening and what he thinks might happen, (so far I haven’t found any cracks in his reasoning) (didn’t see that pun until I was about to post, so I thought I’d leave it there) which he posts separate to the live feed. He doesn’t go all doom-and-gloom-y, but he does say, ‘pay attention, folks this IS happening’.

This is the live feed …

(whenever you hear a rumbling sound, that’s an earthquake and the number of clangs immediately afterward indicates the magnitude)

 … and if you go to his channel you’ll see his latest analysis. I’ll just put up the one is from last night…






22 comments on “Down The Volcanic Rabbit Hole

  1. We’re going to Maui in a week – unless the government won’t allow tourists. You can bet this has been in my mind.

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  2. I saw the clip of lava “walking” across a road. All I could think is how beautiful it looked as it moved and gurgled. To think, once it cools, it hardens and builds up the land more. My first trip to the Big Island was in the mid 1980s; I spent most of it exploring the volcano national park. It was so cool to see tiny plants starting to take hold in the young rock. By my second visit, several years later, the road down to the southern shore was no more because lava had flown over that side of the mountain. So cool.

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  3. jenanita01 says:

    This must be a nightmare for the people living there. The way things are going, they might have to relocate, preferably sooner than later!

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  4. Olga Godim says:

    This is really scary. I wonder what’s going to happen to the people who lost their homes.

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    • Widdershins says:

      Most of them got the land cheap because it was uninsurable (the whole lava thing) so your guess is a good as mine … did you hear two more fissures opened up overnight? that makes 18.


  5. acflory says:

    I’ve had a severe dislike of volcanoes since watching Dante’s Peak decades ago. I would /not/ want to be anywhere on that island at the moment. 😦

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  6. Jay says:

    I love volcanoes and of course I thought it was really cool when we were in Hawaii to stand on the mouth of one that was throwing up spurts, to walk among steam vents…and we even saw the place where lava meets ocean, which is quite a sight…
    But I have a lot of sympathy for people trying to live around them – they’re not just curiosities, they can be scary, and we’re watching that happen right now.

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  7. Adele Marie says:

    Yep,, have listened to him on you tube.

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  8. […] so much from that live-streaming global earthquake channel on Youtube, Dutchsinse that I mentioned a couple of posts ago. He does a weekly Global Earthquake Forecast every Sunday night. Worth a watch, even just once. It […]


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