Wimpy Sunshine, and 165 Days To Go

There are patches of blue showing through the eternal overcastness of the sky but I’m not yet prepared to acknowledge that Spring is here. She’s done this to us before.

At least it’s not raining … all the little Widder-seedlings are just a’soakin’ up those rays…

“Here comes the sun, do-do, do, do, do.” “What? Where?” “Over there!” “No it’s this way!” “Up there! In the sky!”

“Here comes the sun, do-do, do, do, do.”
“What? Where?”
“Over there!”
“No it’s this way!”
“Up there! In the sky!”


In one hundred and sixty five days from today, (18th April) I’ll be 60 years old.

Which isn’t as startling a concept as I thought it’d be … although I have been pondering the concept of late, especially as I moaned and groaned through the aftershocks of a migraine at 3 O-Clock this morning, hence this post.

60 was an age that seemed impossible to achieve when I was twenty … far too scary when I was thirty … a deadline with a death-knell attached to it when I was forty … ‘meh’ when I was fifty … and just another birth day when I turned fifty-nine.

I’m still not ‘rich and famous’, as I swore I’d be when I was in my mid-twenties, although there still 165 days to go, so you never know.

My body’s certainly not in the state it was when I was in my mid-thirties. I only needed one pair of glasses then.

And I’m not planning on doing anything ‘special’, because as far as I’m concerned it really is just the next year after 59.

I wonder if we put so much significance on these ‘decade’ birth days because there’s no other ways to celebrate the major adult milestones in our lives that are also celebrated among our larger community, apart from, ‘old enough to get a drivers license’. Things like births, weddings, funerals, exist within a family and/or extended family community, but nothing on a larger scale. (except if it’s a ‘royal’ birth/wedding/funeral – ‘royal’ being anywhere from her Majesty, Liz the Tooth, on down – but that has more to do with encultured tribalism, which is another topic entirely)

25 comments on “Wimpy Sunshine, and 165 Days To Go

  1. You’re just a chicken, Widders 🙂

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  2. jenanita01 says:

    In two weeks time, I will be 74, wishing I were still 60 as I seemed to have far more energy back then. The knees hadn’t started complaining yet, either… so make a LOT of hay while the sunshines, Widds!

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  3. Elisa says:

    Sigh. So well expressed. 60 scares me. I turn 51 next week. And what have I done with my life? That is the real dilemma of the decade birthdays to me. They scream in my face, what the hell have you done with your extravagant gift of life?

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  4. tidalscribe says:

    I never imagined decades ago that being over sixty would be so much fun, recycled teenagers etc. But I know it’s matter of luck with health or caring responsibilites. Although this week I am hobbling around as something strange has happened to my leg; trying not to look like I’m hobbling around getting carefully on and off the bus because of my age…

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  5. 265 days for me. I can relate to your impressions of the decades, but I’m going to celebrate this one… an excuse for a big vacation somewhere warm!
    Sun (sort of) for the week! Enjoy!

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  6. Jay says:

    I think decades just remind us to take stock, which is a double-edged sword. Life can’t really be quantified in ‘achievements’ but we do keep trying.

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  7. I definitely like a slice of birthday cake or pie. If I’m counting correctly, the parents threw a birthday party for the Daddy every year for 11 years after he turned 65. Hmmm, I have until December to continue the tradition. The year 59 sounds so old, but the year 60 does not. Funny how that is. Cheers to you, Widders, on 165 day before 60!

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  8. colonialist says:

    One just has to concentrate on keeping fit without throwing a one!
    I was pleased, this evening, when at 77 I raced the grandkids some distance from the parked car to a jungle gym and, although they narrowly beat me, they were out of breath and I wasn’t.

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