The 428th Quidditch World Cup

This year, 2018, will see yet another Quidditch World Cup played, (the tournament is held every four yearsbut where and when is being withheld from the Muggle world.

However, through means both devious and diverse, and with great danger to life and limb, I have managed to obtain via a well-placed informant within the Ministry of Magic, one J.K. Rowling, an account of the 2014 World Cup tournament’s thrilling final.

The 427th Quidditch World Cup Final

It is unknown whether the ‘release’ of these documents constitutes a breach of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy of 1692, or a relaxation of this draconian division between the Wizarding world and Muggledom.

The 'Quidditch Witch'

The ‘Quidditch Witch’

This the only known heilographic image of a Quidditch player, Circa 1828, by renowned Muggle inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.

Breaking news:

As I was preparing this report, another Muggle agent provocateur forwarded me this fragment of video. Evidence perhaps, that this years Quidditch Cup may be held sometime around the middle of November.

18 comments on “The 428th Quidditch World Cup

  1. Fun, indeed


  2. Whooohoooo! I’m glad to see his Muggle friend is back for the adventure, too.


  3. I was thinking about going, then I brushed the idea to one side.


  4. Jay says:

    Oh boy, and me so unprepared!


  5. Gotta love the imagination! 🙂

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  6. Roxie says:

    byw, my SC town hosted the quidditch world cup in 2015? omg funnnnn!!!

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  7. Jane Gealy says:

    Back in 2005 I thought up a spoof ‘Kwidditch’ event to take place on April Fool’s day for the members of the adventure group I used to run. Little was I to know that it was about to become a reality. Shame I can’t predict the Lottery numbers the same way!

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  8. dbmoviesblog says:

    Great post. I quite like how the pottermore site covered the tournament too, and I like that picture of a witch playing quidditch in 1828. Come to think of it, I would have really enjoyed it if someone wrote a book – well, Rowling, on some story set in the wizarding world in the 1800s or even much earlier. That would have been a fascinating read too.

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    • Widdershins says:

      We could have a series set in each century, going backwards from the time Hogwarts was created. 😀

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      • dbmoviesblog says:

        Sounds great! I mean part of the reason I enjoyed “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” is because of all the history there, you know, the founder of Slytherin going away and leaving the chamber of secrets with the beast in it. I am sure there is much more to discover and learn.

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