Hardcore Parsley

About this time last year we experimented with a wooden pallet garden. We had an assortment of veggies all happily doing what veggies do, but between marauding wildlife and the Summer of smoke and intense heat, we decided to just let it run wild and see what survived.

Underneath 30cm (12”) of snow and 5cm (2”) of ice, being bombed by falling branches, and then iced and snowed on all over again a week later, not only did our parsley and strawberry plants survive, they thrived.

The true survivalists!


Look at all those baby strawbs!


I’m not sure how tender these leaves would be but in truth I’m not game to pick ‘em to find out. We’ll just leave ‘em feral and pick the new shoots when they pop up

29 comments on “Hardcore Parsley

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    The strawberries seem to survive pretty much anything, don’t they?

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  2. bone&silver says:

    Go the greenery! Determined pushers of that life force…

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  3. jenanita01 says:

    Not surprised about the parsley, it’s a tough character, that one. I have heard it can be weird too, if it doesn’t like you, it won’t grow. It won’t grow for me, so whatever that means…

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  4. Wild strawberries invade our lawn on the slightest whim of the wind.

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  5. Jay says:

    That’s pretty impressive!

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  6. Hurrah! I love how plants come back on their own. Strawberries are one of the things I want to grow this year, just to see if I can.

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    • Widdershins says:

      This lot produce some magnificent fruit but the critters manage to eviscerate them before we can, so maybe with so many new plants taking root, we might just be in the running to score a few. 🙂


  7. I’m amazed at what comes up after the cold and snow. It looks like you’re going to have some early producers. 🙂

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  8. Donnalee says:

    Those all look so radiant and green–good for them!

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  9. […] strawberry plants are in the same bed as Hardcore Parsley and they weren’t going to be outdone by a mere parsley plant […]


  10. […] as an experiment I stuck a celery end-y bit straight into the pallet garden with the hardcore parsley and strawbs. It took about two weeks but there she was […]


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