The Gas Lift Chronicles – Part 2

Part 1 … HERE

Due to a strange and inexplicable inability to work at my desk sitting in a chair that engaged in way to much familiarity with the warp and weft of my study carpet, I ordered a gas lift from It was here in three days.


My chair is now back to its usual height and we are both happier for it.

And then … 

… a week ago this finally arrived …

At least it’s the right shape and size this time

Firmly ensconced on my readjusted chair I wasn’t in any hurry to open the box so it sat on the shelf, all forlorn and abandoned.

I took pity on and attacked it with box-opening tools … and voila!

A gas lift!

Now I have a spare. One can never have too many gas lifts.

I suppose

P.S. If anyone wants to do the math, my first contact with the manufacturer of my chair was on 18th October.

P.P.S. on the other hand, if I ever want to build myself a chair I now have two of the main ingredients.

16 comments on “The Gas Lift Chronicles – Part 2

  1. Be creative. Hand-carve the rest. You have the parts which have to be manufactured!

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  2. An excellent conclusion to the gas lift saga.

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  3. But is it the right size? The right model? Does it work? I sense Part 3 approaching …

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  4. jenanita01 says:

    I have always loved shopping online… but this year things have conspired to make me change my mind. Nothing is ever what it said on the box, and deliveries are taking far too long. And as for sending anything back…

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  5. That’s given us all a lift 🙂

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  6. You’re going to need a second shed for your spare parts. 😀

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  7. Build a chair would be a fun challenge. Uppermost in my mind is to build a box or two for vegetable growing next year.

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