Left Behind

Every now and then our local library has a book sale to get rid of old, and probably not-very-popular, stock. They have books for sale individually, or for $5 you get a sturdy paper carry-bag that you can stuff to the gills.

Mrs Widds scored these …

Something for everyone

As she was leafing through this one …

Not my cuppa tea, but looks interesting none-the-less

…a slip of paper fell out and fluttered to the floor.

Was it a bookmark, forgotten casually or deliberately?

It reads:

‘Hi Dad & Betty
I just cruzed out to show you my new car but you weren’t home – thought you said you were always home
I was here at 5:40
Anyways I’ll try to stop by again
Take care
Love Crystal’

Who was ‘Crystal’? Who was ‘Betty’ and what sort of relationship did they have? What was the real story behind why she underlined ‘home’? Was she disappointed, or resigned, or relieved, they didn’t get to see her new car?

Oh, the stories that are within this little piece of paper.

29 comments on “Left Behind

  1. I love sales like that. We have a humongous thrift store, so I usually stick up there. Best part isn’t always the book itself but what you find inside. Enjoy your new reads!

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  2. A.S. Akkalon says:

    Very cool – both the books and the note. I always get excited when I find used books with inscriptions, but notes are even better.

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  3. Notice a lot of them are ‘big names.’ I want to get to that stage; maybe in a couple more lifetimes.

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  4. Sue Vincent says:

    I aquired a lot f ex-library books over the years…and always love these little finds 🙂

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  5. You may have noticed my fascination with such markers; and that I have, for some years now, left my own in my books. They serve a dual purpose: first to intrigue future readers, and, increasingly, to remind me whether I have read the book before 🙂

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  6. A slice of another life. It’s interesting how we want to know the story behind the snippet.

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  7. Erin says:

    I’ve read at least half a dozen of those books. 🙂 (Well, not those copies.)

    Fascinating little note. Now I want to write a whole bunch of random little notes and stick them into books I read at the library so people can make up their own stories about them. Ooh, or maybe two people leaving notes to each other in a story arc — a sort of “Continued on next rock” thing.

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  8. Nice! And the mysterious message is fun too. 🙂

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  9. Jay says:

    I hope the book was half as good as the bookmark!

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  10. jameswharris says:

    I’ve found letters, postcards, photos, and once two $100 bills. I wrote about that for Book Riot – http://bookriot.com/2016/06/21/what-would-you-do-if-you-found-200-in-an-old-book/

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  11. I love going to library sales. I love buying a bag of books for $5, even if I don’t read them all. I love found notes and the randomness of it all.

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  12. I love books and long for a time when I can just sit and read. Have fun with your new treasures!

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  13. wickedstones says:

    Aw I’m now inspired to be leave little notes and beautiful words hidden inside of books (on paper of course) just to brighten up a day or spur curiosity. Our local library always has fund raisers to sell off old books (have a few of them myself..)..

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