A 40-Year-Old Rumour

40 years ago today, Fleetwood Mac released Rumours.

I actually refuse to believe it’s been 40 years. 20 at most, I’m certain. Probably only 15.

Here’s my Fleetwood Mac/Rumours story:

I was barely 14 when I left high school (in Australia) and got myself a job (lied about my age. I was tall for 14)  so that the remnants of my family would survive. Good old dad had absconded in the middle of the night with the other sibling and the wife of a neighbour, who he’d been bonking for months/years/? and her kids.

After food, utilities, and rent, there wasn’t anything left over for things like entertainment. (the nearest public library was in town, over 20 kilometers away, and no way to get there on a regular basis) None-the-less I managed to save up enough to get one of these little beauties …

The giddy height of audio technology

The giddy height of audio technology

… I was tired of listening to the radio playlists in order to hear my favourite songs. I was gonna make my own.

I’d listen to the Top 40 Countdown shows with my fingers hovered over the Play/Record buttons, then mash them down in time to capture the very first notes of my chosen songs.

The very first one I recorded was Rhiannon off of Fleetwood Mac’s 1975 self titled album.

I was hooked. A Fleetwood Mac fan for life.

I bought the cassette version and a ten-pack of blank cassettes. There was no way I was going to wear out my precious original.

I went through at least 5 copies (that I can remember) before I upgraded to a turntable and the vinyl version.

30 comments on “A 40-Year-Old Rumour

  1. Such memories. Listening to the radio and pressing down the buttons to record and then keeping a finger poised above the stop button for when the song ended. You had to be quick. Love Fleetwood Mac. Only favorite band I haven’t seen live in concert. On my bucket list.

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  2. Can it be that long? Really? Oh, lordy! One of my very favorite karaoke songs is “Dreams” — love that song to bits, and I guess that would be my favorite. To connect the album with my writing, for some reason during my first National Novel Writing Month, my earbug was “Go Your Own Way.” I spent every break rewarding myself on YouTube looking for live performances of the song. After NaNo, I had to go out and get the album, and I just fell totally in love with the music and the lyrics. Later I got Stevie Nicks’ newest albums, and that was pretty good, too. A different place, of course, because artists grow and move on. But really quite good!

    (-: The stories behind the album also are titillating — would hate to live through it, but oh, the drama and beauty and exquisite pain they put themselves through!

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  3. Only 20 years. Not 40.


  4. I love their performance of “Don’t Stop” live with a full marching band. This video isn’t great, but if you watch it from the concert DVD it’s AWESOME. Plus I have it downloaded on ITunes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgwRYjDhK_E


  5. Sue Vincent says:

    I did the same thing with the charts… as soon as I could own the cassette recorder )

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  6. Ah, yes, recording things from the radio. 🙂 But I beat you to the Fleetwood Mac fan club — my first album was Bare Trees, before Stevie Nicks joined them. *g*

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  7. szegerton says:

    Go Your Own Way. Played it over and over again, when I finally found myself in charge of my own life. Danced like a demon to it.

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  8. Ah, the taping of songs off of the Top 40. I tried to explain it to my kids the other day but they really didn’t get it. The time I had to put in listening to get the songs I wanted. The trying to get the timing just right, and the heartbreak when the tape wore out and all the work was lost.

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    • Widdershins says:

      What I really hated was when the DJ’s started the whole fade out of one song and fade in the next over the top … or they talked over the end or beginning of a song! Dastardly! 😀

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  9. I remember those tape players. I think I might still have a Fleetwood Mac cassette or two. Haven’t had the heart to toss any of them.

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  10. Jens Lyon says:

    I had one of those tape players when I was nine. And yes, I recorded LOTS of Fleetwood Mac. Their hits from “Rumours” were all over the radio back then. But the tape recorder broke around the time “Tusk” came out. I went tape-less for several months, until I received a boom box for an early birthday present in late 1980.

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  11. Victoria Villasenor says:

    I love that album. And I loved my tape deck so much. It was an art, figuring out exactly when to press the button to record.

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  12. Eliza Waters says:

    That was a favorite of mine as well. Great album!

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  13. Jay says:

    This is in our record collection as well.
    And of course I did the same to get my favourite songs off the radio stations – and even did it with VHS off of MTV!

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  14. That was an amazing piece of technology. I thought that was the coolest thing to own.

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