Once In My Lifetime

Today I am fifty-eight years old! The only time in my lifetime I’ll be the same age as my birth year, 1958. (well, not the one thousand, nine hundred, bit) Which I think is a remarkably wonderful and curious thing.

In lieu of cake, which I can't eat until at least Monday

In lieu of cake, which I can’t eat until at least Monday

Yesterday I underwent the next step in my tooth implant adventure which I posted about in May with the ‘oh-so-very-understated-title of ‘I had a hole drilled in my skull the other day’.  This time it was only a small, relatively speaking, procedure, to screw in the pin that will secure the thingy that the new tooth will be built around. But still there was the local anesthetic, and the blood, and the stitching, and the sore jaw to endure. All of which means that today I’m celebrating my birth day with analgesics and a hot water bottle plastered to the side of my face.

Mrs Widds, who is doing her bi-monthly retreat, (full, and dark, of the Moon) left a beautiful hand made card on my desk for me to find this morning.

As Fifty-Eighth Birth Days go, this one’s not too bad.

What my teefs will look like ... heh, heh, heh

What my teefs will look like … heh, heh, heh

38 comments on “Once In My Lifetime

  1. Running Elk says:

    Happy birthday, Widders. Have the best day you can, under the circumstances! 😀 xx

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  2. YanaPopov says:

    Happy Birthday Widdershins 🙂 Oddly enough, when I’m 74, I’ll be the same age as my birth year! 🙂

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  3. A Country boy says:

    Happy Birthday 🙂

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  4. jenanita01 says:

    Sorry to hear that you can’t have your cake yet, so have a very happy extra birthday on Monday!
    Any chance of seeing the new teef in situ?

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  5. Sue Vincent says:

    Not the best way to celebrate… I got flu for my 58th the other day 😉 A belated Happy Birthday 🙂

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  6. An interesting statistic. Hope all goes well and you have a good birthday. My statistic I rather liked was 07.07.07 when I reached official retirement age which was then still 65.

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  7. Happy Birthday! At this rate, I’ll be having the same accompaniment for mine in November! Oh, what it is to have constant dental work. Feeling for you and hope that by the time you read this, the pain and soreness have abated.

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  8. Happy birthday! I hadn’t looked at being 58 that way, but now that you mention it — cool!

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  9. Bun Karyudo says:

    Many congratulations! I’m sorry to hear about the toothwork (Hmm… I don’t think that’s a real word!), but at least you’ll have a million dollar smile when the swelling goes down. 😀

    Incidentally, I just calculated that my age and the birth year won’t be the same until 2034. 🙂

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  10. Olga Godim says:

    Happy birthday. Look at the bright side: at least you’ll have a brand-new tooth one day.

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  11. Happy, happy birthday.

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  12. A belated Happy Birthday to you and your teeth. 😬
    I hope my 58th birthday does not prove as painful. Hope you had a good day. Here’s to the 59th one. 🍾

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  13. ktcwrites says:

    when the year of birth matches the year of life …. this is called the Royal Birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY Your Majesty!

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  14. Happy Birthday, belated. I’m glad you found something to enjoy about it other than dental work!

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  15. Happy Birthday, Widders! Your 58th will be one to remember, for sure. Hope you’ve had your delicious birthday cake today. Big birthday hugs to you. 🙂

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