Oh, Orlando

Oh Orlando



25 comments on “Oh, Orlando

  1. I can’t click “Like” on this one, Widdershins, but thank you for this.


  2. Kalaya Camren says:

    i can’t either.
    this was a terrible thing to happen. My thoughts are with the GLBTQ community.


  3. Bun Karyudo says:

    Yet another pointless act of violence. It’s just so awful.


  4. I like that you posted, not what happened


  5. The combination of insecurity and arrogance (which I suppose is also insecurity) that manifests in fear-anger-hatred-violence. Currently in our country, we have so many so-called leaders who are fueling the insecure, arrogant people among us.

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  6. Me too. I’ve really had it with guns and all this fear mongering. It’s insanity.


  7. Alex Hurst says:

    Like others, I just can’t click “like” on this one. I’m still so sad and broken hearted over it, and some of the responses that have come in its wake. But there is also hope in the solidarity, and the survivors, and the people standing up against the hate, too.


  8. I like that you’re sharing this but not what happened. I can’t understand or bear to contemplate all the dreadful things that seem to be happening in this world we live in. If only we could kill hate and replace it with love, and understanding.


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