If Ever I Win An Academy Award …

… for the movie adaptation of one of my stories I’ll act surprised, yet quietly confident I would’ve been the winner all along. I’ll thank Mrs Widds, and producers and cast, (Emily Blunt, Zoe Saldana, Helen Mirren, Ming-Na Wen, Ellen Page) all sorts of other people, and then I’ll thank the makers of Bejeweled Twist.

Twistin' the night away with Scrivener

Twistin’ the night away with Scrivener

When I’m deep in the think-y parts of a story, which is the bit after the initial adrenaline rush of getting that first idea down on e-paper, I need to write a few sentences then pause, find the right word or the right science-y fact, then write some more. In that pause, staring at the debris on my desk just stalls the process. I need to have something not too taxing to occupy one bit of my brain so the other can problem solve.

Enter the Twist!

It’s not time sensitive so I can blather about and a single level will last me for hours (minutes) It doesn’t take up the whole screen so its easy to minimize and get back to work

And, Mirabeau approves!

I approve of this computer game, and wool

I approve of this computer game, and wool

Confession time. I’ve watched Live, Die, Repeat, aka Edge of Tomorrow, (or a combination of both) at least four times, just to tastefully admire Emily Blunt’s rather magnificent body.

S’alright, Mrs Widds and I have a “you-can-look-but-don’t-touch’ policy.

The movie is excellent too if you’re interested in military SF that breathes new life into the Groundhog Day meme. Tom Cruise (the other lesser known lead, heh) is at his best when he does action stuff, but Emily steals the show for me.

10 comments on “If Ever I Win An Academy Award …

  1. Great choice of actors!


  2. BunKaryudo says:

    I saw that movie somewhere. I think I may have been on an airplane. I thought it was pretty good, if I remember correctly. I should remember the story more clearly, I guess, given that it was repeated about 75 times.


  3. I can’t stand TC, but even with that said, he’s been in a couple of movies I liked. I will have to see if I can get my hands on that one, it sounds pretty good!


  4. That would be some movie to have all of those actors in it. I play Cookie Jam to treat myself, as well as to get my thoughts going.


    • Widdershins says:

      Cookie Jam, eh? …. just a sec, going to look it up … hm-m … I think I’d always be heading for the in-real-life cookie jar … probably a good idea to stick to Bejeweled Twist. 🙂


  5. I’m movie deprived, so I can’t comment on the subject with any authority. However, Bejeweled! Oh no, I wouldn’t write a word for hours. Blogging is enough of a distraction! 🙂 🙂


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