Some Swearing Ahead

Am I a bad person because I can’t stop laughing and watching this and figured out how to embed it into a post? …

16 comments on “Some Swearing Ahead

  1. If you’re bad, I’m bad!


  2. M.E. Garber says:

    I am totally curious: What makes a badass badger turn, run, and fling itself off a cliff???

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  3. szegerton says:

    Whatever it was, it deserves a badger vonna

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  4. The badger was very smart! hahahaha


  5. Widdershins says:

    Broke the badger land speed record! 😀


  6. catdownunder says:

    poor badger

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    • Widdershins says:

      I did get to see the rest of the video this gif was pulled from. Badger bounced down to the bottom of the not-too-deep gully and kept on running. I think it was so busy sniffing for food and other badger-y things it didn’t see the strange human with the camera until it was almost at their feet. Such a sight would probably send me galloping off in the opposite direction too. 🙂


  7. jannatwrites says:

    That is pretty funny. Had it been me talking video it would’ve beenough shaky from me laughing 🙂

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  8. Sometimes swear words are the perfect words. Made me laugh.


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