Oliver Queen is an Emotional Douchebag

I get it, I get that he spent five years in hell and is ‘teh feels’ challenged, covered in scars, and tattoos, and stuff.

I get it, but still, if he gives one more woman the come-hither-‘cos-I’m-a-broken-emo-dude, but-go-away-‘cos-you-can’t-have-me, ‘cos-my-enemies-will-kill-you, but-srlsy-I-love-you, so-come-hither shtick, I swear I’ll throw putrescent things at my monitor. (I watch via the interwebz  – no TV)

The TV Oliver Queen that is – I never met the comic one, apart from a vague image from deep within my childhood, of some guy in a camped up Disney-fied Robin Hood costume and a goatee. Who may or may not have even been Ollie.

Let’s do a bit of a flashback – which is something the show does really well by-the-way, it’s like getting two episodes in one. – not that long ago I discovered a fabulous blog called Sourcerer  wherein they do, among many fun stuff, recaps. I watch a lot of TV shows, (too many some might say, but I ignore their squeaky little voices) and reading recaps is a fun way to revisit and recapture the experience, and share opinions with a like-minded community.

The interwebz, cinema, and TV, are crawling with super hero-y stuff at the moment, thanks largely, to Marvel, and every alien and her dawg is getting on board with it. I got hooked by the Iron Man movies and stayed for Agent Carter, (Peggy rocks) Marvel’s newest iteration of the genre.

Like I said I watch a lot of TV and I really didn’t want to add to my list, so I avoided any of the promos, trailers, hype about Arrow. (and by association, the Flash – ‘cos you can’t watch one without the other, it seems)

Anyway, I made the mistake of reading a recap of an Arrow episode on the Sourcerer blog, and before I knew it I was mainlining previous episodes for hours at a time. I know it’s a DC (comics) thing, but a super hero’s a superhero, eh?

I love the show. I love how the Scoobie Gang (Buffy reference – I told you I watch a lot of TV) came together. I love the villains, I love how it’s dark, but with little shiny sparks of lighthearted humour, mostly from Felicity Smoaks. Speaking of Felicity, If Ollie does the come-hither routine with her one more time … well, unspeakable things will happen.

Mind you, I’m only up to Season 3, episode 10, so he still has time to redeem himself.

And that’s the essence of this show really. Redemption. Flawed people doing what they believe is the right thing. Even Ollie. It’s what makes a superhero … and a super villain. Bwhahahahaha

Tissue paper is my secret weapon

Tissue paper is my secret weapon


18 comments on “Oliver Queen is an Emotional Douchebag

  1. My chinchilla eats tissue paper. I don’t know why – and it can’t be good for her – but on the other hand, she’s still with us.


  2. How did I miss this one? And, 3 years of it, too. Green Arrow was one of my favorite superheroes. Just loved his look. Maybe I’m not missing much since Wikipedia says the series is taking a “realistic look” at the character.


  3. I have to admit, I’ve avoided watching Arrow because I don’t want to add another TV show to the list …


    • Widdershins says:

      I tried, really I did.

      What was worse is they have these crossovers with The Flash that didn’t make sense unless you watched both shows, in order … it’s a two-fer deal.


  4. mpax1 says:

    Aww, your cat looks just like my Nini.

    As to Arrow, I so agree. I went so off the rails. Is it wrong to say I wish they’d kill Laurel and Felicity at this point? Untethered Realms and MPax


    • Widdershins says:

      Hi there Mpax … welcome 🙂
      Coco (the cat) belongs to our community here on Widder Island. She visits, has cuddles and plays, sleeps then heads off to her next assignation.

      I’m only up to S3 Ep11, so I don’t know what Laurel and Felicity are up to … but your comment does not bode well!


  5. Wow, you’ve really caught up! I almost feel bad for bringing you over to the dark side, or the mostly dark side, but as you love the show – it’s all good! It’s hard not to love the superheroes, flaws and all 😀


  6. londonmabel says:

    How nice of Coco to grace you with her presence, in your cat-deprived home. – And no I will not add another show to my roster! Ack!


  7. clarbojahn says:

    I don’t think I”ve even heard of this show till now. But we don’t get all the channels and usually end up reading. One show we love is Waking the Dead. A British who done it with a closed case going into live ones during the show. We’ll eat up two hours easy watching these on DVR.

    We love those thrillers.


  8. ktcwrites says:

    interesting. I prefer reading to TV, nor do I feel inclined to change. I waste enough time as it is.


  9. jannatwrites says:

    Well, I rarely watch TV (and the little I do watch is often Disney, with the kids) so I don’t know who Oliver Queen is, but I can relate to the cat making a mess…. er, having fun – with tissue paper. Kitties are so cute 🙂


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