‘House of Cards’ … Mind Blown.

Remember a while back when I said I had a bit more to say about TV shows?  Here it is.

I glimpsed the promos for House of Cards in the sidebars of websites I visit, and although I admire Kevin Spacey from the time I came across ‘The Usual Suspects’ on late night TV, I wasn’t interested in another drama about fictional US politics, nor am I a big fan of the genre.

I had it on my TBW list for a time when I had nothing else to do (hah!) but I rarely thought twice about it … until one night … I was bored more than anything else and I thought, ‘what the Hades’, and ‘what have I got to lose?’

Don’t’cha hate it when you ask yourself that question and the Universe answers?

From the first scene of the first episode of Season 1 to the last scene filmed for Season 2, I was mesmerised. This was ‘The West Wing’ meets ‘Game of Thrones’. Excellent acting and direction, meets great writing, meets the fourth wall. If you’re into this type of drama, I recommend giving it a try.

The most amazing thing though was coming across this video of Kevin Spacey talking about giving the consumer, (TV viewer in this case) what they want, how they want it, and sit back and watch them voraciously consume it.

That resonated with me because it’s what our consumers (readers) want as well. They don’t give a tinkers cuss about the Big Five (Four, Three) versus Indie publishing, or any of the industry’s other battles, scandals, etc. (Which isn’t to say we shouldn’t pay attention to these things, in fact it behooves us to pay just as much attention to the business side of writing as we do to the creative side)

Readers want well written, engaging stories they can read on their cellphones, tablets, PC’s, (OK maybe I’m the only one who reads ebooks on my PC) listen to it via an audiobook, or read a print copy … and it’s up to us to give it to ‘em.


12 comments on “‘House of Cards’ … Mind Blown.

  1. Love Spacey – mesmerizing is the word. You watch what he does in horror – and nobody catches him at it (so far). You don’t think they will sacrifice something? Out it goes.

    Now I just have to find the audience for what I want to write/am writing – and do my very best to serve. It keeps me up at nights – and I’m hoping it will be easier once I have a finished product. I think all the people who read serials don’t read mainstream – maybe mainstream readers want to know for sure something got to an end before they’ll take a chance on that many words? Or reading every week?

    I dunno. Can’t write any faster, so it’s a bit of a moot point until September, when I can publish if I’m ready. Woo hoo! Next leap into the void. Then repeat. And repeat again.

    This is fun!


    • Widdershins says:

      I found myself waiting, like some critter in a snakes gaze, for the next moment he would glance at me (the camera) and I would be included in his secrets.

      There’s more of an audience for serials than you might think. Someone who might want something to read on their way to/from work for instance. They might also read short stories, but they will also want something that ‘mesmerises’ and keeps ’em coming back for the next instalment.

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      • As a start to the route of publication, I am serializing Pride’s Children already in three places (as I finish it – how’s that for chutzpah?): my blog, TuesdaySerial.com, and VentureGalleries.com – more or less at the same pace.

        I have a small but persistent coterie of readers who keep coming back every week to my blog – I haven’t been able to get stats about the other two places, and I’m considering adding Wattpad. I would have done that last already, except that you have to do tricks to keep your italics, and I haven’t gotten to that yet (did I mention I’m SLOW?). I’m hoping people who read Book one for free in serial form will stick around for the other two parts, and that people who would like to read to the end faster will get tired of waiting for installments, and go buy the book when it’s done.

        At this point it’s about readers. For personal reasons, I can’t even publish until Sep/Oct of this year (assuming I’m finished), but I can’t wait.


  2. I haven’t watched it yet either, and should. My brother and his wife both have bit parts in the series.

    As for the bigger point, I agree. I don’t think writers pay attention to brand, beyond author name. I think part of the problem is the idea that success requires a certain level of sales, one that gets higher and higher. Step away from big publishing and that’s less of an issue, and suddenly you have the books that may not sell at Walmart, but have a dedicated readership nonetheless.

    As a reader, I’m frustrated these days. As a writer…too often depressed.


  3. “sophisticated, multi-layer” story…he had me with that. I like that they stood their ground and went straight into making the series. “House of Cards” does sound like something I would enjoy getting lost in. Once we have a DVD player again, it goes on my list.

    I read e-books on my Mac, which means I rarely read e-books for pleasure because my chair is uncomfortable. 🙂


    • Widdershins says:

      Every writer must have at least one comfy chair. We got mine from Costco, one of those put-it-together-yourself ones. We ended up with a piece left over though. Same thing happened when we put our BBQ together. Oooo! I’m seeing a pattern, and possibly a story! 😀


  4. jannatwrites says:

    I haven’t seen this show, but I do like it when I find a show that I like that much.


  5. szegerton says:

    House of Cards was a fine TV series which we enjoyed some years ago in the UK, and yes, it was gripping, brilliantly written and acted, and memorable. If anyone could be relied on to turn it into an intelligent adaptation for a transatlantic market, that person is Kevin Spacey. I’m looking forward to watching it.


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