Farewell Christina Yang

I never meant to fall in love with Grey’s Anatomy, but they made me.

I resisted the temptation for years, then Callie Torres came out and I thought to myself I would watch a few episodes, just so I could keep my ‘les-cred.’ (we have to watch at least one episode of any TV show that has a for-real lesbian or bisexual character in order to keep our membership current) Unfortunately, those plucky interns got their hooks into me and I was done ‘fer.

This isn’t a review of the show or even of the season finale, it’s simply to say, “Thank you, Sandra Oh.”

Sandra Oh

Pic via Wikipedia

12 comments on “Farewell Christina Yang

  1. Lucie from Butches Who Knit says:

    We resume with episode 13 here on Monday night. I can’t bear the thought of her leaving!


    • Widdershins says:

      It was done so well, I got all teary a few times … and they didn’t have to blow her up, crash a plane, run her over with a bus, send her insane, shoot her … or anything!


  2. jannatwrites says:

    I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy, but read a bit about the story line. Um, lots going on, to say the least 🙂


  3. That’s how it goes. Ya watch one episode and bammo! you’re caught. I haven’t ever watched Grey’s Anatomy, but I’m sure I’ve would’ve been snookered in, especially with Sandra Oh’s character only because I like Sandra Oh.


  4. Trying again – it ate my comment before.


  5. Just saying I watched YEARS of the show – and wonder if Derek and Meredith are moving to DC – for plot reasons?


  6. My daughter is a big fan of the show, but I never really got into it for some reason. I have plenty of TV shows I’m addicted to, I don’t need even more. 🙂


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