Monday Snow Musings

Did you know that robins and bluejays like playing in the snow? Even when it’s turning into a giant slushy because of two days of rain on the heels of three days of snow. So does the little boy from the house across the way all decked out in bright yellow wellies with blue stars on them. (I’m certain he’ll grow up to be a wizard)

Today however, I can’t go out and play with any of them. My knees are acting up and the best I can do is gaze winsomely out my window. (where I took the pic from) You can’t see the birds because I think they’re bathing in the car tire canyons created by this morning’s exodus, and the boy scooted out of sight before I got the shot, but they’re all still out there, playing in the slush. Who in their right mind, even a robin or a bluejay, bathes in icewater, even for fun?

There are bluejays and robins here somewhere

There are bluejays and robins here somewhere

Days like today seem to belong to other realms or reality. Another house across the way has a plume of white smoke issuing from its chimney. The smoke gets caught up by a bit of a breeze that mixes it seamlessly with the dense mist that’s rolling in from the lake.

While I appreciate all this wintery imagery in spite of my banged up knees that keep me snug inside my little Widderhouse, my writerly tasks are nudging my elbow. Perhaps they’ve conspired with my knees to keep me here at my desk. So, back to it I go .. right after this …

It was great to see Gravity collect so many Academy Awards last night. I am slightly peeved that Sandra Bullock didn’t win, but I haven’t seen any of the movies that the other nominees were in so it has to remain a little slightly irrational peeve.

16 comments on “Monday Snow Musings

  1. Got Coffee????

    Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


  2. susielindau says:

    I really want to see Gravity! Kate Blanchet played the part of a bipolar woman descending into madness, brilliantly. You might be able to see Blue Jasmine on pay-per-view! There were so many great movies this year.
    Love the shot!


  3. Erin says:

    The birds here have not been bathing in ice water, but that’s mostly because we haven’t had large standing amounts — any snowmelt is seeping directly into the ground.

    Enjoy your cuppa and your writing!


  4. We haven’t even gotten to the slushy stage yet. We’re still in the robin-perched-on-the-railing-looking-pissed-as-anything-at-being-stuck-in-the-cold stage. I like to imagine we’ll move on soon, which will lead to the stage in which our walkway becomes ice with a smidge of water on top, just to make things exciting. 🙂


  5. jannatwrites says:

    Beautiful winter photo! Had to chuckle at the boy and his boots and your belief that he will grow up to be a wizard. Stay on his good side, okay? 🙂

    Hope your knees are better soon, and that you at least get some good writing out of it!


  6. I have yet to see Gravity. Hubs and I somehow never make it into the movie theaters, and I think that’s one you really have to see on the big screen. 😦

    Maybe with all its wins it will get a second run.


  7. jmmcdowell says:

    We are past the snow (she says knocking on wood), but Spring doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to spend time in my neck of the woods. Good writing weather, though, right? Or so I’m trying to convince my cranky-with-the-time-change brain!


  8. […] of the little boy wizard-in-training’s snow fort. (he, of the wondrous wellies from my previous post) The bluejays and robins, and some sort of bird that looks like a cross between a starling and a […]


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