Sitting on Ice

It’s been a while, eh?

I’ve had the flu, several times.

Mrs Widders had bronchitis, and a couple of flu’ses.

Widdercat decided that she really didn’t feel like dying on us, this time, even though she stopped eating and did all the things old cats do to let you know they’re about to pass through the veil to the Summerlands.

Each time, she comes back a little frailer, but her spirit is just as strong as ever. 2013 wasn’t quite as done with any of us as we thought!

Rumours of Our demise have been greatly exaggerated

Rumours of Our demise have been greatly exaggerated

About ‘Identical’ … I’m about to post the next episode, and in between bouts of flu-ness, I came to some decisions about it. (Identical, not the flu. I do have thoughts about the flu but they’re not repeatable)

Identical was always an experiment. It started out as an open ended adventure based around a few core concepts. As I sat down to write each episode, I contemplated sending the story in directions that were more than likely influenced by whatever movie I’d just seen or TV show I was rewatching with multiple episodes at one sitting. (most recently Babylon 5, even more amazing than I remembered)

This was fun for a while, but it wasn’t getting the story to where I wanted it to go. So, I put my wild plans and schemes for my hapless characters on ice while I figured out some really diabolical stuff to inflict on them … erm … interesting and tasteful story arcs … with a definitive ending. We’re not anywhere near that ending yet, but it’s imminent.

Therefore, coming right up is the next episode of Identical.


Speaking of ‘on ice’ … widderlake froze over again a little while ago and some scallywag did this …


See that little white thing out in the middle of the lake?

See that little white thing out in the middle of the lake?

... this is what it looks like close-up.

… this is what it looks like close-up.


10 comments on “Sitting on Ice

  1. Erin says:

    Glad to hear you all survived the latest rounds of crises!

    Maybe the chair is for ice-fishing?


    • Widdershins says:

      We’re getting rather tired of health crises around here, I can tell you! 😀

      I think the chair was used by some of the local kids as a stability device … or maybe someone just wanted to see the view from out there.


  2. Hey Widder! Bummer about all the viruses you, the Missus, and Cat had to go through. The Husband and I picked up one last month. Grrr. It took him longer to shake, but like you and your crew, we’re up and at ’em again. Looking forward to seeing where you’ve taken your story.

    Maybe the chair marks a portal to somewhere.


  3. Sorry to hear about all the illnesses, but love that chair. 🙂


  4. jannatwrites says:

    I’m sorry the flu (the most unwelcome of visitors) has been plaguing your household. I hope you are all better soon. Glad to hear kitty is still hanging on. It’s so hard to let our pets go, but when it’s time, it’s the kind thing to do.

    Looking forward to reading the next segment in the story. I think I saw an email that you’ve posted it…as I wade through emails, I will get to it 🙂


    • Widdershins says:

      Each time Widdercat goes through one of these cycles we ask ourselves those questions, about quality of life, and trust that when the time comes we’ll know it.


  5. londonmabel says:

    O beauteous Widdercat! Glad she, and you and the Mrs, all made it out of flu season in one piece.


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