A funny thing happened on the way to 2014 …

…stomach flu.

And it wasn’t pretty!

WIddercat was singularly unimpressed at her staffperson’s lack of attention and decided to take up residence in our newly acquired sideboard instead.

What wonderful smells!

What wonderful smells!

Normal posts will resume next week.



Oooh, this one smells the same

Oooh, this one smells the same


The quote that begins, ‘… a funny thing happened on the way to …’ comes from a 1962 Broadway show called (funnily enough) ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,’  and in the 1966 movie of the same name. ( the late great Buster Keaton  appeared in one of his last roles as Erronius)

16 comments on “A funny thing happened on the way to 2014 …

  1. catdownunder says:

    Oh miaou of sympathy – not good….do look after yourself!


  2. szegerton says:

    Saw the film (was Zero Mostel in it?) and there was a TV series spin-off over here, starring Frankie Howerd. It further served to disguise the fact that he was gay, with all the hetero-suggestive lines.


  3. jannatwrites says:

    I’m sorry you haven’t been well. That’s miserable! I had to smile at Widdercat, though. Our cats love drawers as well and will lounge in them (and leave their shed fur as a mark) any moment they get the chance. Hope you are better soon!


  4. jamieayres says:

    So sorry you got the flu 😦 It’s been going around at school . . . at least 3 students absent each period.


  5. londonmabel says:

    Poor you. A guy at work, his household got hit with h1n1 at xmas.

    Love the widdercatbum!


  6. Hope you’re feeling better today. The Husband and I are nearly over this is-it-a-cold-or-is-it-not bug that we picked up over a week ago. Today is the first time I’ve been feeling a tiny bit creative. Onward and upward we go!


  7. mselene says:

    Oh, I hate the flu! I hope you get better soon!


  8. cheriereich says:

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    Love the cat pictures!


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