Also Created with Photoshop

"The Little Companion II" by Caras Ionut

“The Little Companion II” by Caras Ionut

8 comments on “Also Created with Photoshop

  1. Erin says:

    Very sweet, though that trunk seems a bit long. 🙂

    Why, yes, I am ignoring the post-apocalyptic setting.


    • Widdershins says:

      What? You don’t think heffelumps will survive?


      • Erin says:

        Oh, I’m sure heffalumps and woozles will survive, though there doesn’t appear to be enough food there for that one. It was more a comment that I’m not wild about post-apocalypse, probably because it presupposes we’re going to let everything get that screwed up, and I like to hope we won’t.


        • Widdershins says:

          I think we’re in for a tussle over the next bunch of years, decades probably, but I have hope there are enough people in the world who will rise to the occasion and will outweigh the corrupt ones.


  2. jannatwrites says:

    Cute image, but it seems like such a dreary land. I don’t know how to Photoshop, so I can’t begin to figure out how they do that!


  3. ktcwrites says:

    I’m not too thrilled about post-apocalyptic stories or images. I too like too hope that the human race will wake up before it’s too late.
    with a second look … and perhaps I’m trying to add a little more hope to the picture…the green plants that surround them and grow larger as they move through the desolate landscape …a bit of hope…? it is a beautiful picture…


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