Robert De Niro Isn’t 34 anymore

This may come as a shock to some folk. It obviously was to the person who wrote this piece of fluff for Yahoo.  I know Yahoo isn’t at the apex of journalistic … depth … but it does have it’s moments. This isn’t one of them.

The article itself isn’t all that important, but the message it conveyed to me, is.

Apparently Robert De Niro isn’t making movies like he used to. Cape Fear, Taxi Driver, The Godfather II, to name a few of the biggies. Now he making movies like Las Vegas, American Hustle, Grudge Match (just to name a few from a HUGE body of work) … and the article writer wishes he’d get back to the former, and steer clear of the comedy!

And here’s the clincher for me … “It’s also safe to say that age has played some role in De Niro’s decline” (I resisted the urge to find out how old the article writer was, just in case it might add fuel to my ire)

… Let me be clear, that was not a ‘safe’ thing to say.

Unless Bob has some nasty disease that is robbing him of cognitive function, age has nothing to do with this ‘decline’. Could it be a simple as the actor himself wanting to play different roles?

Ultimately, what got up my goat (mixing my metaphors) is not whether Bob and his movies are raking a gazillion dollars or only a paltry half-gazillion dollars, it was the huge weight of cultural ageism, fueled by an ever increasingly marginalized ‘mainstream’ media hysteria, that is behind that one sentence.

And all this, about an old white guy. Imagine if it’d been written about a woman!


Speaking of old white guys. This is another reason to love Patrick Stewart.

 We Love Patrick



6 comments on “Robert De Niro Isn’t 34 anymore

  1. Erin says:

    Now how in the world did he miss complaining about Morgan Freeman, also in Last Vegas, who has been nominated multiple times for Academy Awards and won once? Or that Bruce Willis has taken roles just for the money and isn’t the same action hero he used to be? Or . . . ?



  2. szegerton says:

    Good on yer, Wids! I met the love of my life at 55, trained as an aerobics teacher at 58, and wrote my first book at… erm, even older. No surrender!


  3. jannatwrites says:

    Patrick Stewart is great!

    This is pretty bad, but I think women have it worse when it comes to ageism. In Hollywood, it seems like they send you over the hill at 30.


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