Is This What A Man Is?

Tony Makris Killed an Elephant in Botswana … because he could.


I’m not going to link to anything about the story because, a) it sickens me, and b) I will not, in any way, shape or form, give the man any further publicity other than mentioning his name at the top of this story.

If you want to know anything more about the story, google it.

My heart hurts and a question reveals itself. Is this what a man is?

Is a man someone who instills fear, hatred, rage, in his targets, no matter what gender or species they are? Who kills without thought of the harm to his spirit, or soul? Is he someone who crushes dreams and destroys peace, who says, “it’s legal,” and believes that it’s the same as justice? Is he someone who is so disconnected from the very earth that provides him with the air he breathes that he will not see the consequences of his actions?

My heart breaks because I know that men like this are a dime a dozen, and they are all over the world. They will go to their graves leaving their mess for others to clean up.

I know men, friends, family, acquaintances, here on our island, and far afield, who tremble with outrage at what they witness. They take what action they can, as do the rest of us.

My grandsons are six years old.

All things being equal I will see them grow into men. They will inhabit a world far different from what exists today.

Every stand I take, every tear of rage and outrage I shed, goes toward them living in a world where a woman will not have to ask of them, “Is this what a man is?”

10 comments on “Is This What A Man Is?

  1. szegerton says:

    Yes, I saw this. Appalling. Thankfully, as you say there are many men who are shocked and angered, and your grandsons will be of that ilk, brought up to respect the planet and its finely-balanced systems. It’s all about education, which is the responsibility of us all.


  2. We’ve got lots of men — and women — like Makaris in our U.S. Congress right now. They pretend they are not playing gods, nor being lackeys to more pompous Makaris’s. As long as there are people, like ourselves, who don’t give in to Makaris malarky, the world will prevail in a positive light despite them. After all, look how many people have roared in disgust and protest about Makaris shooting the elephant.


  3. jannatwrites says:

    That is sad. An animal shouldn’t be killed ever just because it can be done.


  4. londonmabel says:

    I have no answers. But when I think of manhood I always think of this bit in the first Blackadder:

    Percy: It will be a great day tomorrow for we nobles.
    Edmund: Well, not if we lose, Percy. If we lose, I’ll be chopped to pieces. My arms will end up at Essex, my torso in Norfolk, and my genitalia stuck up in a tree somewhere in Rutland.


    Prince Edmund: Tomorrow I shall prove that I am a man.

    Percy: Well, you are a man.

    Prince Edmund: But how shall it be proved, Percy?

    Percy: Well, they could always look up that tree in Rutland.


  5. Harry Hancock says:

    My father fought in WWII. He came home and raised two sons and he taught us two thing among all the other lessons he gave us. There are only two reasons to kill. Kill for food and not for sport, and if you must, kill in self-defense.

    To kill because you can is simply insanity.


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