Blessed Beltane – Biopsy

1st May – Beltane – I had my second biopsy on that golf ball in my thyroid. For those who came in late, in March this year I discovered I had a lump in my thyroid that was cancerous.  I blogged about thecone of surrealness’ of that time and got on with life … until today.

Today was biopsy #2, wherein we hope to find some more definitive ‘anomalous cells’ that will give my throat-cutting guy a better idea of where we go next. It’s a fair bet that my golf ball has to relocate, and sooner rather than later. The rest is up for discussion. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

But here’s an interesting thing. Today I got to see the ultrasound image the biopsy-taking guy used to guide a very long needle into my throat. I’ve seen gazillions of x-rays of my knee in it’s various incarnations, from completely busted up to staples, screws and other hardware, but seeing inside myself in real time (in glorious black-and-white video) was … weird. I gotta be honest, it felt a little squicky, (like a slow-motion punch in the throat) but also absolutely fascinating. I took notes, mentally that is. It’s hard to write in my notebook, flat on my back with a needle in my neck. (It wasn’t really that long, but it felt like it, so therefore it was!)

There’s a story somewhere in this … maybe something about google glass’  that sees in all sorts of different ways, infra-red, untra-violet, see-through, (like non-dangerous ultrasounds or x-rays)  … and what would become of the people who couldn’t afford it … and what would happen to art if people only saw through the google glass? Who would clean the streets if no-one saw the mess? (sounds a bit like that Bruce Willis movie Surrogates’) I’ll work with it.

So, that was my Beltane. A little different, eh?

So, Have a Merry and Blessed Beltane, one and all … let’s kick the tires and light the fires! … and finish out the night with a bracing cuppa tea!


“When tea becomes ritual, it takes its place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in small things” Muriel Babery,  from her novel, The Elegance of the Hedgehog


20 comments on “Blessed Beltane – Biopsy

  1. Sucky issue all around.

    In a way, it makes sense to have it on Beltane–dealing with growths and issues that have cropped up in your new year.

    Sending good vibes and positive thoughts your way.


  2. You couldn’t feel the needle in your neck, right? Shudder. I complained to the doctor the other day about the fourth tiny pinprick she made in my finger. I find looking at x-rays and imaging of innards very fascinating, especially if it’s of my insides. I could almost forget what ails me.

    Those Google glasses are scary. I can just imagine drivers being more self-absorbed with everything but the road.

    Knocking on wood for you.


    • Widdershins says:

      Nope … that part was anesthetised … which probably contributed to the ‘squick’ factor.

      I remember reading a while back that someone wearing google glass was assaulted when they walked into a restaurant … brave new world, here we come.

      Thanks for the wood-knocking 😀


  3. Erin says:

    The ultrasound sounds fascinating, but the needle in the throat would be squicky to me, too. Hope the doctor got good info from the ultrasound and the golf ball gets displaced quickly.


  4. jannatwrites says:

    Wow, you watched it?! I’m such a wimp, there is no way I could watch the biopsy as they did it. I have to turn my head when I have blood drawn. If I see the needles or the vials of blood, I’m done. I hope the news is better and the biopsy tells them what they need to know.


  5. Sounds very surreal. I hope they find out something they can do. The phrase “throat cutting guy” made me chuckle. Like he’s your private assassin.


  6. londonmabel says:

    Good luck with the golf!


  7. *Hugs* Hope the results are good and you’re past all this soon!


    • Widdershins says:

      Thanks … We’re (Mrs Widds and I) seeing my specialist on Thursday, so at least we’ll be able to discuss the next step … this waiting around is for the birds!


  8. Jeff Hargett says:

    Hoping for the best with that. It’s a scary thing. But seeing real-time x-rays is indeed fascinating. I was able to watch during a procedure I had some years ago.


  9. Nisha says:

    Sorry Widders, I’m reading this late but I hope everything works out well for you Sweety. Sending you love and healing thoughts, Blessed Be! ❤


  10. katelaity says:

    I had the needle biopsy, but didn’t have to *watch* it. O.o here’s hoping your story turns out as well as mine has. No one even notices my scar most of the time.


    • Widdershins says:

      Scars don’t bother me. I have a leg full of ’em … the radiation therapy afterwards isn’t all that appealing … glad to hear your happily and safely on the other side of this ‘interesting’ adventure 😀


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