These last few weeks have been challenging. I’ve had one health crisis after another. In fact it’s been this way since we moved onto Widder Island in March. Sometimes a complete change of environment will do that to a gal. That and menopause!

Because our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are so intimately connected anything that happens in any of these areas is automatically reflected in the others.

So, I’ve been contemplating my physical mortality, (eye infection, knees that have so much metal in them they clang like a cracked bell if I turn too suddenly, lumps in my thyroid that have put us into a holding pattern until a biopsy reveals what it will reveal) all the not-so-fun changes that ladies of a certain age go through, (and the accompanying emotional roller-coaster ride) and what impact all of the above have on my Spiritual path.

I’m a afternoon/evening person, so the best time for such reflections is the night. Late at night, when the noise of the world fades, and there’s space for the unknown to appear. For fears and inspiration to bleed into this mortal reality of ours.

If we’re lucky, and are courageous, we might have the vision to peer through the veil and wonder at the fierce challenges and wisdom to be found there.

I’ve listened to the wavelets borne across the surface of the water by a chilly breeze that’s the harbinger of winter. I’ve seen the ghostly white silhouettes of the trumpeter swans as they rest on our little lake on their way South.

I haven’t found any great epiphanies waiting for me when I walk down to the lake, torch in hand and thermos of tea at the ready.

I have found a little peace. Enough so that I can go to sleep with a quiet heart.


“One may not reach the dawn save by the path of the night” Germaine Greer, feminist, academic, journalist.

17 comments on “Night

  1. ktc says:

    It can be a lonely journey, One walks alone and can only share the moments. It takes courage to reach out into the dark with trust. We who sit on the sidelines and watch can only be inspired as we wait.


  2. catdownunder says:

    I think you need more hugs – here’s another one from Downunder!


  3. jannatwrites says:

    I’m sorry you’ve had a rough few weeks. My husband also had thyroid issues. He did have a tumor removed and has to take meds since he has half a thyroid now. I hope your tests come back benign. The waiting can drive you nuts, so I’m glad you’re finding some peace so you can sleep with a quiet heart (I like that phrase :))


  4. Ah, widdershins, I’m sorry to hear about all the health problems. Menopause just be itself is such a struggle. It’s several years behind me, and only now do I feel like I’m getting back into a balance. I hope that the biopsy shows nothing. Sending you and the Missus positive vibes wrapped in a cosmic hug. 🙂


  5. Oh, dear, sorry to hear about all the health woes, Widdershins! I hope things start improving for you soon. But I’m glad you can still find peace and a quiet heart.

    Take care.


  6. Nisha says:

    So true, our minds and bodies are linked. Hope you get better soon Widders, you’re so lucky to live near a lake – Nature makes the perfect nurse 😉 And don’t worry, epiphanies come when you least expect it 😉


  7. londonmabel says:

    Oh noes! Who was it said life is just one damned thing after another? I hope you and the missuz aren’t going through The Change at the same time. That’d be fun (not).

    But for a heavy-deep Widdershins like yourself I’m sure you’ll get through it all with some new and interesting thinks and feelings.

    Sending you hugs and healing vibes!


    • Widdershins says:

      We do have moments when our hot flushes are syncronised, but hey, throwing your clothes off when you’re overheating can be a whole lotta fun!

      Thank you for hugs and vibes 😀


  8. clarbojahn says:

    Here’s another hug just from me! or two if they’re needed and it seems so.
    My sister long ago had thyroid surgery and takes meds. She has a hard time with her weight now though. Better not to have to go through it. I’m also the praying kind, plus the positive affirmation kind. My thoughts are with you. Plus my prayers.

    Hope this journey takes you someplace terrific. 🙂


    • Widdershins says:

      Thanks for the hugs … I have a date for the biopsy early in February … we’ll have some answers then.

      These Journeys usually end up taking me someplace rather unexpected, which is kinda fun when you think about it!


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