The Accidental Panelist


I’m a panelist.

Did’ja ever sign up to play with some new kids and find out that you were getting more than you bargained for?

Because time, money, and distance, often make it impractical for me to play at a lot of conferences/festivals in the US, I seek out the on-line variety.

There was the short-lived-but-now-defunct, awesome Coyote-Con. (where I met quite a few of my ‘frogs’ **) The also awesome and eternal, and free, Muse Conference, (which is happening on 8th–14th October) where I pitched my book and landed a contract. And I think there’s one floating around for romance writers, and one for children’s writers. (Clar, do you know anything about that one?)

By means various and convoluted, (translation: I can’t remember) I came across the Bards and Sages  eFestival of Words – Virtual Book Fair.  I registered, and although the process seemed a bit more complex than usual, I thought nothing of it … until just the other day, when I received an email with ‘Preliminary Questions for Panelists’ in the subject line.

So, I am a panelist on the “Why We Love To See The Future Crumble Into Ash” forum, about post-apocalyptical stories.

… tomorrow!

…at 7pm EST!

… I have a list of questions to respond to!

… I am a panelist!

Thank you Cheezburgerz

If you’re interested, it’s still possible to register even though the festival has started – don’t worry, you won’t end up a panelist!

** frogs – friends on blogs.


“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance” Alan Watts, 1915-1973 – Philosopher



… and, because it’s too cyoot to leave out…

Another Cheezeburger



21 comments on “The Accidental Panelist

  1. Erin says:

    Oh, my goodness! What a thing to do by accident! I’m sure you’ll do great.

    I actually contacted one of the people in charge of programming at Philcon (my local con) earlier this year about being on panels, but they haven’t even thought about programming and panels yet . . .


    • Widdershins says:

      Good for you!

      I’m running around the festival (in a virtual sense) trying to get a handle on how a panelist forum works (I’ve been to a few workshop types, but this is new territory for me) … luckily there’s not too many of them, or my head might ‘splode!

      … the up side of this is I can now put ‘writers festival panelist’ on my CV!


  2. Ermagherd, I love ermagherd photos!!!


    • Widdershins says:

      Hiya Barbara, thanks for visiting.

      I drop by ‘I Can Haz Cheezeburger’ every now and then, and last time I was there, I couldn’t understand what this caption was! It took me quite a while to decode the seekret meaning … but then, I didn’t get what Jessica Rabbit meant when she said, “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way”, for years – very embarrassing!


  3. I’m impressed. I know a Panelist! WooHoo! BTW–I can hold my own in the penguin (and elephant seal) photo stakes. so I’m ‘qualified’ to say yours is great too.


    • Widdershins says:

      Well, we’ll see how things turn out tomorrow!

      …the photo isn’t mine – forgot to caption it, will take care of that now! – it’s another cheezeburger one – glad you liked it though … would love to see yours. Did I miss ’em on your blog?


  4. What fun! Hope it’ll be a blast for you.


    • Widdershins says:

      Thanks Susieee …

      Being on the interwebz means that no-one will see how nervous I am … ‘cept Mrs Widdershins, and she’s wonderful with the cups-of-tea, and the ‘there, there, Dear’s’, and the ‘remember to breathe Dear’s’.


  5. s.p.bowers says:

    Wow, that’s quite a surprise! You’ll do great though. Have fun with it.


  6. jannatwrites says:

    Oh, that’s funny! Accidentally becoming a panelist is going to be a great ice breaker story to tell the crowds who flock to hear you speak after you sell more books than J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer combined 🙂 Have fun with it. (Don’t forget to breathe and drink lots of tea!)


  7. londonmabel says:

    Oh you’re on just as I write this! Hope you’re having fun!


  8. Dear Widdershins,
    I love it. I’m so proud of you. They used to have a show called, “What’s My Line?” with panelists. It is quite an honor to be a panelist. That means they deem that you are qualified to answer questions that any of the people at the festival might put forth. I believe you will give awesome answers. Hurray for you!


  9. Good for you, Widdershins! Sorry I missed it, but glad you had a good time. 🙂


  10. So, looking back at your fears before you were there, how did it go? what did you learn? will you do it again?

    I’m with Joan: being asked to be a panelist means you’re thought of as an authority and expert. it’s an honour!


  11. […] asked, in the comments section of my ‘Accidental Panelist’ post last week […]


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