What the …!

Have you ever had a document disappear on you?

My latest post just did!

There I was typing away in a word document (makes it easier to edit, rather than trying to edit here in WordPress) – and it was a rather brilliant one, I tell you! – and I hit ‘save’, thinking that it did, but it didn’t! I can’t find it anywhere. It’s as though the document has just disappeared into the bowels of my computer. Not even ‘Find’ can find it!

Talk about a lesson in letting go.

Anyway … to assuage my disgruntlement, and for your viewing pleasure, I present a little moving picture interlude. As soon as that document turns up, which I have no doubt it will – when it’s good and ready – I’ll post it!



“Home computers are being called upon to perform many new functions, including the consumption of homework formerly eaten by the dog” Doug Larson

23 comments on “What the …!

  1. catdownunder says:

    Gah, yes – that once happened to me too – I am still prowling around looking for it!


  2. Erin says:

    Word Happens. Sorry to hear about the disappearing post.


  3. Eileen O'Farrell says:

    I hope your prowl is successful! Love the real book video!


  4. All the time. When I’m lucky, I’ll find the “lost” document in my download folder or a folder that is unconnected to the document. But, that usually happens days, weeks, months after I’ve given up.


  5. jannatwrites says:

    So, the computer ate your blog post? I think this is the 21st century version of the dog eating homework 🙂

    This has happened to me, but usually it’s because I’ve overwritten or deleted it.


  6. Perhaps there’s a special ‘technology’ section in the Cosmic Cupboard… BTW: Love the Larson quote. 🙂


  7. Joan Y. Edwards says:

    This happened to me and it never resurfaced. What I said to myself was, “I’m going to write something better than what I wrote when it disappeared. Alas! It’s not a good feeling.


  8. […] isn’t the lost post. I suspect it’s hiding somewhere just behind my monitor … […]


  9. I have lost things in Word and have sometimes found them in the ‘temporary files’ folder. If you named it once, Word has an auto re-save function that you can use to get it back. But if you hadn’t saved it a first time, well, not sure about your luck.

    Perhaps the lost post is in the same place as that missing sock.


  10. londonmabel says:

    So that’s what books do at night!


  11. nyparrot says:

    Ohhh… NO! Sorry…


  12. Margie says:

    Sometimes if I close down the program, then reopen it and ask it nicely to show me the list of recently used documents, the one I lost will be right there on the list. Then I have to figure out where the program put the document, but at least I know it isn’t lost forever. Hide and seek clearly isn’t just a game I play with the grand-children…


    • Widdershins says:

      Hiya Margie … thanks for stopping by.

      Yeah … I thought of that too. I think my computer’s having an identity crisis. The other day I noticed that my ‘downloads’ folder had mysteriously emptied itself out. Completely. Last night I found everything in the trash can. Very mysterious! .. the missing blog post wasn’t with them though!


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