Tagged and Bagged

When I first began to engage with the interwebz, waaaay back last century, a certain sort of forwarded email was all the rage. The kind where you have to send the email to four (or 10, or whatever) of your friends within the next half hour, and then something wonderful will happen to you. I only bought into it once, oh very well, a couple’a times, and then realised there might be a few possible outcomes. 1 – there could be some nefarious code embedded in the emails and I was unwittingly spreading a virus. 2 – I could send out a hundred ‘forwards’ and no ‘wonderfuls’ would happen. 3 – I’d seriously annoy my friends. 4 – I would become known as an easy mark and gazillions of these things would overwhelm my inbox.

So I made it known that, although I appreciated the sentiment, I wasn’t going to pass anything on, for the above mentioned reasons.

Then I started blogging, the reading and writing thereof, and came across the ‘list of questions-to-answer-and-pass-on-to four (or 10, or whatever) of your blogging friends for them to do the same with. I initially reacted the same as I had to the email tag games, then I thought about it a bit. This was a novel way to get to know a bit more about my new blogging friends and for my readers to know a bit about me. (assuming the questions were designed that way, and not just a ‘I’m-passing-this-on-because-that’s-what-everyone-else-is-doing’ kinda thing)

Still, the ‘pass it on’ aspect of the whole thing doesn’t sit well with me, so in the spirit of the thing, I’m going to answer Nisha’s questions, and leave it at that.

Nisha’s Questions:

1.       If you attended Hogwarts, which house would you belong to, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin?

A – Ravenclaw – they’re such an interesting bunch.

2.       I prefer Twitter to Facebook. Agree or Disagree?

A – Neither

3.        Romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant or staying in with pizza and a movie?

A – Both

4.       If you were forced to marry ONE of the following men, who would you choose and why: Ebenezer Scrooge, Severus Snape or Heathcliff? And for the men, who would you marry: Dolores Umbridge, Madame Bovary or Lindsay Lohan?

A – Erm, lesbian here. Pass. Interesting shape of the two parts of this question. The first part for the women is about being forced to marry someone, and the one for the guys is about choice.

5.       Chocolate: white, milk or dark?

A – White

6.       Favourite Horror movie?

A – Didn’t watch them until a little while ago when I watched “Resident Evil‘ on DVD. Loved Milla Jovovich kicking some zombie butt. But why does Michelle Rodriguez keep getting killed off in action flicks? I’m looking at you James Cameron.

7.      If your personality were a colour, what colour would it be?

A – Blue

8.       What famous mystery would you most like to know the answer to? (Eg. The identity of Jack The Ripper or whether OJ was guilty)

A – What really happened to Atlantis.

9.       If you were about to be executed(God forbid!) what would you choose as your last meal?

A – The same as what is served at the Captain’s Table during the first human piloted mission to Mars. I reckon I’d live a good long life while I waited.

10.   Favourite CSI show: Las Vegas Original, New York or Miami?

A – In the beginning, Las Vegas, but after the romance wore off, I watched New York.

11.   There are too many reality shows on TV. Agree or disagree?

A – Waaaaaaay too many. To the detriment of really good scripted ones with, ya know, real actors in them


“To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don’t be”Golda Meir, fourth Prime Minister of Israel.


14 comments on “Tagged and Bagged

  1. Nisha says:

    I completely agree with you on the chainmail debacle. I actually wrote a post on blog awards and how some people find it annoying. I tend to accept but don’t pass them on. But with this game, I thought it would be fun and like you said, a chance to get to know our fellow frogs(love that!).
    Oh no Widdershins, I think there’s been a misunderstanding. With the marriage question, the ‘being forced’ part also applied to men. As you would have noticed none of the candidates are exactly marriage material(LOL), I wanted to see who everyone would have chosen amongst a choice of three if they were forced to. Both parts of the question give you a choice between 3. I really do feel bad that I did not consider you in this, sorry… 😦


  2. Erin says:

    Oh, yeah, the forwards! And I’ll admit to doing my share of the memes that made the rounds on LiveJournal, too.

    I think if I were not married and were forced to choose among the ones given, I’d have to go with Snape. Sure, he had a dark heart, but he fell in love irrevocably. He was also intelligent, capable, and trustworthy.

    On to your questions:

    1 – What public legacy (excluding happy healthy children) would you like to live on after you’ve left this mortal coil?

    My writing is the obvious answer. I want people to find hope in my words and the worlds I’ve created long after I’m gone.

    If I ever earn enough money to make it feasible, I might like to set up a non-profit to bring hope to others — people who need a bit to tide them over while they go from the daily grind to pursuing something they’ve always loved, single parents who never have enough to do creative things for themselves and may not even be able to give their kids all they’d like, people who are so stressed it’s all they can think of when they get up in the mornings. I don’t know the first thing about running non-profits and I hate bureaucracy (which means step one would be hiring people who can do it well), but it would be awesome to make that kind of difference in the world.

    2 – What is the one thing you fear you’ll never accomplish?

    Write all the stories in my head that I want to. Okay, I know I’ll never accomplish that; I get new ideas all the time, and I’ve already got enough to write non-stop for two or three years.

    But when I’m being honestly worried, I wonder if I’ll ever get out of debt, ever make enough to climb on top of the pile instead of feeling buried beneath it.

    3 – You’re lost. No-one is coming to find you. What do you do?

    Oooh, that depends on so many things — where am I lost, what season is it, why am I alone? If I’m in the Sierras in the winter, my best bet is to make myself a shelter and try to stay warm and dry until it’s safe to try to trek. In most circumstances, I’d pick a direction, probably with an easily identifiable landmark, and go. Only change course if I come to something impassable or I’ve reached the landmark and still need to get elsewhere.

    4 – Which insect, and why?

    I’m thinking dragonfly. They’re shiny and metallic looking, in vivid colors, and their wings are incredible.


  3. jannatwrites says:

    I don’t do email forwards, either. (I think that’s why I still have a few friends :))

    I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. I’ll give your added questions a shot here:

    1) Public legacy – I haven’t really thought about this, because I stay out of the public eye. After I become famous for writing the next “it” novel series, I’ll figure it out. (I think I’m off the hook for this one…)
    2) One thing I fear I won’t accomplish – discover the gift or talent that God gave me and to use it without fear.
    3) When I’m lost – This happens all the time…I panic, tell myself what an idiot I am, cry, berate myself some more, pull myself together, call my husband – if I can’t have that help, I’d just try a semi-logical guess for getting me back to known areas.
    4) Insect and why – is this the insect I like best, or what I’m most like? I’ll go with what I’m most like – a walking stick, because they blend into their surroundings and are overlooked by most. But if you do notice them they are interesting creatures to watch.


  4. My mom is still a great one for passing on the jokey emails and chain letters. I skim them, think ‘sheesh!’ and then hit the delete key. I know she’s forwarded the email because she liked its uplifting theme or thought the jokes were funny and she wanted to share it. I have not discovered Roadrunner-and-Coyote disaster by not sending them on.

    And as for mystery: which came first, the chicken or the egg?


  5. londonmabel says:

    The email forwards I really dislike are when people forward “OMG! OMG!” freak outs that say lipstick is cancerous or something, and they haven’t run it past Snopes first.

    In re reality shows, it’s interesting that while we’re living in the rise of reality TV, we’re also in a golden age of scripted television–there are faaar more interesting TV shows than movies right now.

    I shall answer your questions on my blog at some point!


  6. s.p.bowers says:

    This isn’t one of your questions but I’d totally go for Ebenezer Scrouge. Pre-ghost visit. He’s rich, he’s old, and he doesn’t take care of himself. Pretty soon I’d be a wealthy widow. I actually like Snape but I don’t think it would work, him pining after someone else and all. Heathcliff? Absolutely not, he was a major jerk. Of the women (were I inclined that way) I’d go with Madam Bovery.


    • Widdershins says:

      Now why didn’t I think of that!!! Yeah. Mdme Bovary is the best of the bunch. Delores Umbridge was just downright nasty. And Lindsay? I did my ‘bad girl’ phase a while ago . . . well, maybe she’s finally getting her life together. I read that she’s signed up to play Elizabeth Taylor, and saw a pic of her in the role. The similarities were impressive. But she’s waaaay too young for me.


  7. KTC says:

    1 – What public legacy (excluding happy healthy children) would you like to live on after you’ve left this mortal coil?
    Knowing the systems I’ve developed have evolved and are still useful
    Stories, plays and poetry I’ve written that express my humanity

    2 – What is the one thing you fear you’ll never accomplish?
    Express myself in all ways

    3 – You’re lost. No-one is coming to find you. What do you do?

    4 – Which insect, and why?
    Bumble bee – they’ve survived for a millenium, are productive, creative and fly when they aren’t suppose to..


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