Addendum VII

I have a guest post on the Book Boost Blog on the subject of M.A.F. and what I want to do with it!

P.S. …  No. I don’t know where that lipstick kiss came from.


And now it’s Addendum time:

Cats with thumbs: only a matter of time!


Two things …This is one helluva right forearm, and Paganini and Liszt were sadists


“ My mother was a jazz fanatic and she wanted me to play the piano so I could play jazz tunes. I wish I had learned but I was too busy getting into trouble!”Etta James – died but three days ago.

17 comments on “Addendum VII

  1. Wayne E. says:

    I’m totally with you on the M.A.F. point! (I posted a comment.) I prefer to read and write about characters in their forties. If I’m going to spend some time with a character, I want it to be a character who I can relate to, you know?


    • Widdershins says:

      G’day there Wayne! Everyone, this is my favourite comic artist. Check out his daily writing blogmic:

      I agree completely. I can go with characters that are a decade younger than me, (and then jump to YA, ‘cos it’s nice to see how the kids are doing!) but if i know they’re younger it does shift me out of the story a little bit. That’s why I make the ages of my characters ambiguous … then it’s all in the eye of the beholder.


  2. MAF-Lit. I’m totally on board with that! Mysteries with female protagonists written by female authors have always been my favorite reads. I’m reading fewer of them these days because I’ve gotten older while the protagonists have not.


  3. jannatwrites says:

    The cat video was hilarious. I will keep my milk locked up safe and keep my eyes on those guys!

    As for M.A.F. – I’m all for it. Most books I read have characters that are at least mid-twenties. I read one recently where the main character was in her sixties.


  4. I sometimes wonder if the prevalence of young protagonists is due to the fact that their stories are about ‘firsts’. It’s naivete, dumb luck and raw talent that save the day. Somehow it seems more thrilling when someone overcomes the odds despite their inexperience… we expect someone older and wiser to know what they’re doing already.

    But that underestimates the sophistication that can be had with characters who are drawing on wisdom and experience as they wrestle with challenges and change. It’s the magic wrought by Dumbledore vs. Harry’s raw power.

    In the traditional romance genre I’ve read quite a few of Luanne Rice’s novels. Her protagonists aren’t always over 40 but they are invariably wrestling with biases and preconceptions based on past experience – and part of the pathos is how they learn to overcome those prejudices.


    • Widdershins says:

      That’s a good point. In a culture that’s so ‘youth-biased’ it certainly makes sense … we’ll all just have to become best-selling authors and shift that bias in the other direction a little!


  5. londonmabel says:

    I love those cat videos, great to rewatch.


  6. s.p.bowers says:

    OK, I had a friend who had a cat with opposable thumbs. He hadn’t learned to harness their power yet though.

    Loved your guest post. I completely agree, and the main characters in my WIP are both right around forty. I’m part of the revolution!


  7. If I have to join Google + to get your email, you ain’t getting the link you’re looking for.

    Dooood. Create a “contact me” link on yer blog. It should be right above “Email Subscription.”Alternately, send me your email address.

    Also: cats with thumbs. Ha ha ha!


    • Widdershins says:

      Hi Anthony … ‘Contact me’ link? … “D-oh!” … will fish around back here and see if I can find one! There must be something in the ‘widgets’ pile.
      … cats with thumbs. Just a matter of time!


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