Dratted Nifl’s

The other day I wrote a comment on a friend’s blog that began thusly: ‘…nifl would also like for …

Where the hell did ‘nifl’ come from?

I type with both hands engaged on the keyboard, (my little fingers are usually back-ups but they are diligent none-the-less) and for some reason I’ve never got the hang of touch typing. Mrs Widds can type like a Gatling gun and never once look down from her screen to check if her fingers are on the right keys. I on the other hand, only look up from the keys at the end of a thought, paragraph or some other appropriate pausing place, (like now) and correct any obvious errors. When I’m on a roll, clangers are rare, mostly it’s a couple of transposed letters.

I tend to be more vigilant when I’m commenting on blogs, because in general  it’s a much faster thought process. I read the post, have a reaction/response, write it in the space provided and move on.

I suspect that I typed my comment and then without checking where my cursor was.

Not only have I created another word to go into my ‘Names for Characters’ folder, I can now lay claim to the admonition to watch your ‘nifl’s’ when typing!


“To this day, I get rewrite offers where they say: ‘We feel this script needs work with character, dialogue, plot and tone,’ and when you ask what’s left, they say: ‘Well, the typing is very good.’”John Sayles, who wrote and directed, ‘Lianna’

10 comments on “Dratted Nifl’s

  1. Once upon a time I had to take typing tests for jobs. The day I scored 75 wpm, I thought about insuring my hands and then accidently getting them crushed in a door. LOL! That was still low for back then.


  2. clarbojahn says:

    LOL! This post is just too funny! Yes that came out as a 1 not a !.
    I too have to watch my typing like a hawk. As a nurse in my previous life I didn’t need to know how to type and didn’t know. Lo and behold when computers became necessary as breath I took a typing or what they now call a keyboarding class in the evening as a adult education credit. This was just five or six years ago. I am a newbie typist. And I have to have patience with myself.

    How long have you been typing? 🙂


    • Widdershins says:

      Way back last century I took a ‘teach yourself touch typing’ book from my local library.I photocopied the diagram of where to put your fingers and which keys which finger hit and went from there … probably the reason why I still look at my keyboard when I type … that must’ve been waaaaay back in … erm … sometime around 1985-ish.


  3. jannatwrites says:

    I have lots of typos in my comments. Part of it is a sticky “o” key, and the other part is that I am not very good about re-reading my comments before posting. I know, it’s a bad habit, but there’s so much reading and so little time, I try to cut corners where I can. Feel free to point out the typos in this sample if you want to….but I’m pretty sure I don’t have any “nifl”s 🙂


  4. I got my 40wpm certificate in grade 9 typing and it was the number of typing mistakes that stopped the actual number from being much higher. I type very quickly but accuracy is not my strong point. Even writing the first sentence of this comment needed 3 revisits for typing errors. Nowadays I’m too reliant on Microsoft Word to amend my typos. Sometimes it changes a word in the wrong way, often with hilarious results, or puts in the American spelling when I’m feeling decidedly English.

    If nifl was unintended… what were you meaning to say?


    • Widdershins says:

      I started sentence with the word ‘I’ … when I was ready to post my comment I didn’t check where the cursor was and instead of being in the word verification box, it had (for some inexplicable reason) highlighted the word ‘I’ and the word verification word was ‘nifl’ … but that’s way too boring a story on the creation of the mighty nifl. I shall have to make up something far more glamorous!


  5. londonmabel says:

    Frog and nifl are excellent words (she nifled admiringly).


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