The Manuscript ‘n’ Me: Episode 6

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On with the story.

… Backstory was not happy with ‘The Awakener’. Backstory wanted a whole book of its own, and something magical happened …

The characters that had previously leaped out at her had no place in this new story she needed to write. A story that existed a thousand generations in their past, and on another world.

Although she tried valiantly it was inevitable that they would slide quietly down the side of her desk and into a drawer. They languished, not forgotten, never forgotten, biding their time until the story arc would swing around and pick them up again, and they would be able to finish their adventures.

As the new story began to take shape, she noticed the not-so-subtle hand of Irony, one of her Muses, creeping into the narrative. Irony concluded that this story needed a Prologue to recount how all things in the Mortal Realm came into Existence. A Creation Myth that would provide the framework to weave all the stories of the ever-increasing cast of characters (all of whom were clamouring for books of their own) together in the end. An end which was starting to look at least five books away.

She was tempted to enact an Armageddon of her own, one that would surpass the Armageddon a main character was plotting. (A short-tempered immortal being, with very little tolerance for the foibles of Mortals) It was probably for the best that she didn’t. The results would’ve been … spectacular.

Of course, she did have the option to ignore Irony’s ‘suggestions’, but she’d learned in her harsh apprenticeship that writing was not just about making sure all the dots connected, which was the craft of writing, but the art of writing needed to be pursued if a story to become more than the sum of its parts.

It was with a mixture of both dread, (Irony might expect her to go even further back in Time, beyond the Creation Myth itself) and excitement, that she reeled in the threads and began to weave a bright tapestry.

… the story of the Gallery and its twin, the magnificent and flawed Mortal Realm, flew from her hands, and something magical happened …


“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live” Henry David Thoreau


6 comments on “The Manuscript ‘n’ Me: Episode 6

  1. jannatwrites says:

    Backstory is a bit tricky. We have to know it like the back of our hand, but most of it stays backstage, or is cut entirely.


  2. The brother of the mama said, “She’s brave.” when she told him, her daughter, his niece, was a writer. Me, the daughter, his niece, just snorted. I had no idea what he was talking about. Now, after all these many years, I read your post, and completely get it. You go, Widdershins!


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