Bon Voyage Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey 1 April 1926 – 21 November 2011

All the dragons of all the Weyrs keened their grief to the stars. Pern lost it’s greatest heart.

Bon Voyage Ann


“The thing is, emotion – if it’s visibly felt by the writer – will go through all the processes it takes to publish a story and still hit the reader right in the gut. But you have to really mean it” Anne McCaffrey

4 comments on “Bon Voyage Anne McCaffrey

  1. s.p.bowers says:

    Aaaaah, I hadn’t heard. Wow, she was a writer and will be missed.


  2. Harry says:

    For many years I would go to my favorite bookstore where the first thing I did was see if Anne McCaffrey had a new Pern book on the shelves.

    I will miss her greatly.


    • Widdershins says:

      Hi there Harry. Thanks for stopping by.
      A few years ago I wanted to do a re-read of the Pern books, so I got all of them from our library and had a wonderful McCaffrey-fest. it took me right back to the wonder I felt when I first discovered them.
      I’ve been reading various blogs about her and there’s a common theme that she may not have been everyone’s first love, but once they discovered her, they were always in love with her.


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