The manuscript ‘n Me: Episode 5

Mortal Instinct is now available for Kindle eReaders…and is available at Shelfari  here, Manic Readers here, and of course, from my publisher, here.

You can catch up on the previous episodes by clicking on the Writing M.I. page.

On with the story:

… A few months later, on the other side of the world, when she finally emptied the dregs of the boxes, something magical happened …

So, there she was, in Canada, married, with a brand new family of grown-up children, (most of whom seem to be showing an irrationial urge to get married!) grand-children, and cousins of all manner of degrees (it still overwhelms her sometimes, but that’s another story) who appear to be working diligently on creating the next generation of Canadians.

She was at a loose end because she hadn’t received her Workers Permit yet, and unless she wanted to work and get paid under the counter which would’ve placed her whole residency process in jeopardy, she was left to her own devices.

One day, her wife, after patiently watching her climb the walls, told her to haul that manuscript out of that suitcase in the closet and start working on it.

She resisted. Of course she resisted, for a very simple reason. By this time she’d gleaned enough knowledge about the whole writing-to-get-published process to know just exactly how much work was involved. Lots … and lots.

She wasn’t adverse to hard work. She’d grown up in a very primitive rural shack near a creek that provided her family with their only source of water, so hard work sat on her shoulder, comfortably if not happily, for most of her life.

But writing a novel wasn’t like picking crops in a field, or studying architecture, or even running lesbian spirituality workshops. It was nothing like becoming a Shaman, or re-learning how to ride a bicycle.

She ran out of things it wasn’t like, and decided to follow Yoda’s advice.

“ … Try not!. Do, or do not. There is no try.” (Which doesn’t mean a do-or-die attitude, but to commit to the ‘doing’ with all your spirit and being)

She rewrote the prologue, the first chapter. Her creative fires awoke and her Muses (Irony and Serendipity – a couple of bad-ass women if ever there was!) shook the cobwebs from their staffs (staves?)and kept the energy flowing.

As she wrote, a mysterious and nameless discontent flitted in and out of the shadows just beyond the edge of her vision. She was a third of the way through her latest rewrite, and unfortunately the discontent had grown logarithmically. Now she had a name for it; Backstory.

Backstory was not happy with ‘The Awakener‘. Backstory wanted a whole book of its own, and something magical happened …


“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose”Master Yoda  to Anakin Skywalker


12 comments on “The manuscript ‘n Me: Episode 5

  1. clarbojahn says:

    I really should watch at least the first episode of “Star Wars”. There are so many references to it.

    Nice post, Widder. Glad you persevered. Now you have a published book. Congrats to you.

    I read one of my posts on my blog from last year and you were alluding to the fact that you had submitted a manuscript to a publisher at Muse and hadn’t gotten in. At that time I was (further along than you). Now I am still waiting for negotiations with my (an) illustrator. I may never have a book. The publisher may cancel before I get it illustrated.

    *compares unfairly*, Clar


    • Widdershins says:

      Given the issues you had trying to get any sort of communication from your publisher, that may not be a bad thing, if it ends up there … however, don’t you dare give up! … lots of people are writers, few of them ever ever reach the point where they submit their work to a publisher, and fewer of them ever get a contract. There is an illustrator out there for you.

      … meanwhile work on something else, the next book. I love how your blog has grown, gained definition, and how your voice has gained clarity there. I get a sense that you’ve found your path there …

      As for me being published, thank you for your thoughts. 🙂 I’m still enjoying the buzz, although running low on adrenaline.


  2. Dana says:

    Congratulations Widder! I just bought your book on Kindle. Already reading!


  3. One could say that you also followed that other timeless Star Wars adage: “Use the force, Luke…” (or in this case, Widdershins).

    And your experience seems to be summed up in this timeless quote:
    Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. – Thomas A. Edison


  4. Whoo hoo!!!! Congrats, Widdershins! I’m looking forward to getting myself a not-an-e-book copy to read.


  5. londonmabel says:

    Backstories sometimes like to have their way. 😀 Finally transferred the book to my kobo (my life is all disjointy right now!) so the reading begins!


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