21 days To Go

Not that I’m going to be predictable and do a countdown or anything like that. Its just interesting to note that in this measurable period of time, I’ll step over that boundary between being a private person with a very small public persona, to a private person with a very large, global in fact, persona. An interesting perspective don’t you think?

I’m making my way through the very last chance I’ll get to craft any corrections, catch any typos, or change my mind about anything at all about my novel. Scary stuff. My mind tries to slip into the innumerable, ’what if’s’ of tweaking just one more sentence. After about 30 seconds I stop it, usually by smacking my forehead on the desk and saying, in increasing loud increments, “no, no, No, No, NO, NO, STOP !!!”

It’s not that bad really, but I am reaching the stage of thinking that if I read this sentence, paragraph, chapter, one more time, I’ll … I’ll … explode or something.


I distracted myself this evening by watching a DVD. It’s called Stranger Than Fiction’, and stars Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Queen Latifa, Tom Hulce, and Linda Hunt. It’s a slightly offbeat story about what can happen when a writers characters come alive, literally.

I’m not a big Will Ferrell fan but he put in a wonderfully understated performance that rather impressed me. And it doesn’t hurt any film to have Emma Thompson,  Queen Latifa, and Linda Hunt (one of my all time actor-ish heroes) in it, that’s for sure.

The dialogue is wonderful and all the actors do a superb job. Watch it if you get a chance.


“I began reading science fiction before I was 12 and started writing science fiction around the same time” – Octavia Butler


14 comments on “21 days To Go

  1. I hear you, loud and clear. You’ll be a bit easier on yourself with the second one, and the third, and the fourth and the . . . . I saw Stranger than Fiction when it first came out in DVD. Really enjoyed the story. I think it’s time to see it again.


    • Widdershins says:

      yeah … by the fourth one I’ll be so laid back I’ll be falling over backwards …. seriously though, although part of this is first time unknown stuff, I don’t think I’ll ever be complacent … if I ever am, just shoot me!


  2. My recommendation: Go to the store today and purchase twenty one bottles of wine; one for each day until THE BIG DAY! Chill out and relax; easy for me to say!


  3. Tried looking back in your other posts but couldn’t find what the 21 days mean to you? What do you mean you’ll go global?
    Is that the book launch? Be sure and put the site up on your blog for that wonderful day.
    Or is 21 days the day the pub wants your rewrites back?
    Who is your publisher?
    Thanks for your re-comment


    • Widdershins says:

      The 21 is 21 days to Mortal Instinct’s release as an e-book … it’ll be a few days longer before the paperback is available. My publisher is Eternal Press. There’s a link to them in my blogroll.


      • clarbojahn says:

        So don’t your edits have to be in earlier than that? At least by a couple days? Who is their printer? And distributor? Are they releasing to B&N and amazon and stores? so excited for you?
        *claps hands*


        • Widdershins says:

          Phew … serial questions! … here we go then … no – yes – smashwords (I think) – all the usual suspects – and thank you!

          My final edits or erratas as they call ’em have to be back by the 24th of August for the 7th of September release date.


  4. Congratulations – let the countdown truly begin!

    There are some moments in life that mark the culmination of effort or a final close. The turnaround for your novel is very quick so you’ll be able to feel the direct result of your efforts quickly. Sometimes it takes months for the final result to become public, and in that time your mind has already forgotten just how arduous it was. This time it will be so fresh that you’ll definitely be able to enjoy the moment.

    Savour rereading that sentence one last time – once you’ve put this one to bed, you might not revisit it again for a while. When you’ll do, you’ll marvel at yourself and say, “Gosh, I really was that good!”


    • Widdershins says:

      Thanks 123 … Seeing the manuscript as it will appear to the reader has strangely enough put it in a different light. I’m reading it more as a reader, and I like what I’m reading!! A good thing eh?


  5. jannatwrites says:

    Twenty-one days isn’t that long at all. Hey, if you do the bottle of wine a day, it will go even faster 😉


  6. londonmabel says:

    Smashwords is where Lani Diane Rich self-re-released a couple of her recent novels (along with kindle), and I bought another betty-book there too. Though they have a dashed convoluted process! I’m ready for it, though (girds loins). Huzzah if they’re getting your ebook on kindle and kobo too, eventually (sometimes the process can take a bit longer.)

    I see your book nicely prominent on the publisher’s site!


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