The Getting of Wisdom

. . . Perhaps not the sort of wisdom that Henry Handel Richardson wrote about but the wisdom that comes from another of life’s journeys.

Preparing to become a ‘Published Author’ involves a very steep learning curve, IF, you want to do more than just sit back and wait for the publisher to do everything. (which of course in today’s world won’t get you very far at all – if it ever did)

One of the regular newsletters I subscribe to is called Publishing Perspectives.  Which as its title says is all about writing from a publishing and publishers perspective.

Another thing I’m doing is taking a course in how to become a publisher myself. I discovered this course through another newsletter I frequent Women on Writing. Unfortunately this flu/head-cold/flu thing-y (it can’t make up its mind whether it wants to attack my sinuses or lungs) had sidelined me from getting into it until now, but it looks exciting.

Today’s offering from Publishing Perspectives was an interview with Seth Godin  about his new publishing venture, ‘Domino Project’. Its well worth taking the time to read what he’s got to say.

As writers, no matter what our chosen genre, no matter how big or small our word-count or ambitions of fame and fortune, we need to be constantly thinking outside the box, and educate ourselves about our options are.

I have more than one writing project in the works. There’s ‘The Gallery’ Series; Book 1 Mortal Instinct of which is with a publisher, another SF series that’s a bunch of first drafts and copious notes, and a historical mystery series set here in Vancouver at the turn of the century, (the previous one – 1900-ish) also copious notes and story arcs. To say nothing of my very well fed ‘story ideas’ file.

Some of these I will most certainly send out in the hopes of becoming published, and some I will most definitely publish myself, if for nothing else than to know that I can do it, but with the expectation that by the time I get around to doing it, I’ll have amassed enough knowledge that I wont fall flat on my face (too hard!)

The truth of the matter is that Knowledge is indeed Power.

Update: If you’re interested in the course …  Deana:

“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it” Samuel Johnson – from James Boswell’s  ‘Life of Samuel Johnson’


4 comments on “The Getting of Wisdom

  1. clarbojahn says:

    This is a great post to me personally because I too have to promote myself since I have signed a contract with a publisher. Thank you for the links, I’ll use them. And read them.
    Yes, knowledge is power.


  2. Today I went to a luncheon event sponsored by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association with Evan Hansen, editor in chief of it was fascinating.

    In short: it’s about content vs. platform, and how platform is becoming the content. It’s a digital future and publishing magazines in particular but ‘the word’ more broadly, is increasingly a digital business.


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