Addendum II

I should’a known how this would go when I saw the violinist in a tux and … well, I hope they were shorts!

Gloria Gaynor  forgive them!

Maximise your screen and fasten your seatbelt.

Presenting …  Igudesman and Joo


“The violinist is that peculiarly human phenomenon distilled to a rare potency – half tiger, half poet” – Yehudi Menuhin

7 comments on “Addendum II

  1. That was great! I think Gloria Gaynor would’ve loved them, too. Thanks, widdershins.


  2. Well that was entertaining! I liked the comment under the video that “the guy in boxer shorts was screwed if he got a boner” (posted by a true intellectual).

    I think the classic version of this song is from Priscilla Queen of the Desert:


  3. londonmabel says:

    The foam-wand was the highlight!


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