Lost Socks and the Soul of Cat

What do these seemingly disparate things have to do with each other?…

I live in an apartment building and the laundry is in the basement. I save all my Loonies and quarters (a loonie is the common term for a Canadian $1 coin – because there’s an image of a loon on one side) and once a week head down to the dungeon with my washing cart. No lugging a basket around for this little black duck!

Inevitably there’s a sock or two loitering forlornly in the bottom of the washing machine, dryer, or draped over a railing seconded for the job of displaying these un-partnered objects. Some are recovered by their humans, but others I fear descend even lower and end up in the garbage.

The question here is what happened to their partners?

When your cat stares off into the distance they are not necessarily plotting against you (although that may be the case – have you been a good staff-person today?) They may be communing with what I call the Soul of Cat. (A super-mind that is greater than the sum of all its parts) It’s the entity that is created by the higher spirit functions of all the cats that are alive at any given moment in time, and probably some who aren’t really alive but linger in the physical plane just to mess with their ex-staff-persons heads. What the Soul of Cat does is not for us lesser creatures to know.

The connection between cats and lost socks? The mysterious, the unseen, beyond the veil of our mortal three-dimensional thinking. Perfect mind-space for some brain-storming SF and Fantasy story ideas.

And the lost sock thing started me wondering … what if all those lost socks shifted to a higher plane of awareness and formed the … (need to read this next bit in a Darth Vader voice) … SOUL OF SOCK?


“I washed a sock. Then I put it in the dryer. When I took it out, it was gone” – Rod Schmidt (no live link for this quote anymore, so thank you Rod, wherever you are)

10 comments on “Lost Socks and the Soul of Cat

  1. London Mabel says:

    This is a very disturbing thought.

    Hey–at some point awhile back I came looking to read your blog, and thought I couldn’t find it, so I thought you weren’t posting. And then today I saw you in my Feedly page, and now I see that you’ve been here all along. So now I feel bad. :’-( I was even going to ask you why you weren’t blogging anymore! Sometimes I feel like I am going slowly insane.

    Unfortunately for you, this means you will be seeing all my catch-up comments in the days to come.



  2. Lyn says:

    Jam (or socks) yesterday, jam (or socks) tomorrow, but ….
    Lovely post.


  3. Interesting theory about the socks. My theory is that the dryer eats them. The washing machine ingests all the yummy dirt and leaves the poor, hungry dryer without leftovers; hence they eat the odd sock or two.


  4. Soul of sock. Sounds like a great blues song. I have no problem matching solo socks and wearing them. But I wonder if it’s just my imagination saying they each feel different on my feet than when I wear a “real” matched pair.


  5. jannatwrites says:

    No, I’m pretty sure my cat IS plotting against me. (She has to live up to her name, Cybil, right?)

    The soul of the sock is a bit scary. That can’t happen…


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