A Brief Update

The publisher I pitched my MS to way back… hm-m .. when was that? … oh yes, way back in October…. now wants to read the whole kit-n-kaboodle… all 31 chapters, pro-and-epi-logue and all.

I’m just finishing up one last review for those pesky typos and double words left over from previous edits, then off it goes.

I get a feeling that 2011 is going to be a fun-packed year… It might have something to do with that shiny new quarter I found on New Years Day, but that’s another story for another post.


I always say, keep a diary and some day it’ll keep you – Mae West



6 comments on “A Brief Update

  1. clarbojahn says:

    Congrats to you. Last week the publisher I pitched my ms to wanted to illustrate my childrens book, but I didn’t have a contract! Now I’m waiting for a reply to the email asking for one. Again, great going and good luck.


  2. Whoo-hoo! Hearing three months later is not bad at all from a publisher. I wish you well. 🙂


  3. Ooooo. I hope they take it. And thr3ee months isn’t bad at all. Good Luck from the Pixie.


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