A Smile for the ‘Tween-Times’

‘Tween-Times’ – between Christmas and the new year ….

…. first there was the hallelujah chorus which was a wonderful experience, I still get a little misty every time I watch it … and then…

… and then …. I found THIS

… maximise your screen for the full effect… sit back and enjoy…

Happy New Year to all and to all Good Night!


After a rather comprehensive search of New Years Quotes, this one turned up the most. Probably because it’s the one that resonated the most with New Year’s Resolution-ers.

“New Year’s Day:  Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions.  Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual” – Mark Twain

8 comments on “A Smile for the ‘Tween-Times’

  1. Thanks for bringing this bit of joy to our attention!! I absolutely love these flash crowds!! Happy New Year!!


  2. The hallelujah chorus got to me, too. The beauty of it just snuck up on me. 🙂 Wouldn’t you just love to be part of one of those groups? So much fun and joy! Happy New Year, widdershins!


  3. London Mabel says:

    I love those, I think they’re lovely. And good old Twain, he was so funny.


  4. Clar says:

    Thanks for this wonderful Utube video. I’ve sent your blog along with the video to my kids. I know they’ll like it.And showed Hubby , too.


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