New Page: Piece of my Heart

Why call my new page ‘Piece of my Heart’?

Science Fiction and Fantasy is where my heart lies. I would probably choose to read an ordinary SF/F story over a better written one and be comfortable with that choice.

In my own defense I very seldom read past the few pages of any story that doesn’t light up my imagination, no matter what the genre.

But every now and then, my attention is caught by that subtle flickering at the periphery of my vision. Its the story that’s just behind the half open door, sitting comfortably in the shadows, waiting for me to come in and turn the light on.

Sometimes it’s a story that someone else has written. I’ve never chortled reading anything else as I have through the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. (although for the life of me I can’t see Katherine Heigl playing Stephanie in the movie version of the first book One for the Money, but I’m willing to keep an open mind)

And sometimes its a story that I write, like the ones I’m posting on the page called ‘Piece of my Heart’. You’ll find it just up there near the top of my blog. These are from a different piece of my heart.

When those stories are ready to leave home and try their luck in the world, I’ll post them there… they’ll stay for a while and then move on. Please feel free to comment.

The Widder


Ancient Wisdom: “If you don’t want anyone to know; don’t do it”


2 comments on “New Page: Piece of my Heart

  1. Eileen O'Farrell says:

    Episode 1 just draws me in and makes me want to read more!! Sounds like a fascinating story!!


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