The Wonder of Flight

At Costco. A little girl gleefully singing and dancing, oblivious to any adult censure, sees a pigeon and runs to it flapping her arms.

She isn’t trying to scare it or chase it as some children are wont to do. All she wants is to see the bird fly, to share in the delight she is sure the bird feels as it flies into the rain-gray sky.

That the innocent belief, if you flap your arms then of course you can fly, is what all Science Fiction and Fantasy authors want to capture with their words and share with their readers. So, in the spirit of spreading my arms and knowing I can fly I’d like to invite you along for the ride.


A quote to say goodnight … “Bad decisions make good stories.” – Author unknown


4 comments on “The Wonder of Flight

  1. Fly, Widder. We’ll fly along with you. 🙂


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