My One And Only: Endgame

It’s almost here … the finale of the journey begun with Tony Stark way back in 2008. On the 26th of April next year, we will know …

From this moment forth, ’til then, mine eyes shall be closed to all things Endgame-y.


Bohemian Chanukah

My mate Luther Siler featured this on his blog today. It is beyond brilliant.

And just for comparison …


Soup Stock, and Coco

We always recycle, reuse, repurpose everything that we can here on Widder Island. We also create lovely piles of compost from our garden and kitchen waste. Everything organic, except meat, goes into the compost bins, and is covered in a layer of leaves, grass clippings, that sort of thing, then left to its own devices. We don’t turn it or add anything special. We rotate through three bins and when one is full we empty it on a compost pile to age some more, then it goes onto the gardens … to grow things that contribute their little bit to the on-going cycle.

Recently I started recycling our veggie scraps …

Anything that isn’t actually moldy or rotten

Anything that isn’t actually moldy or rotten

… and freeze them until we got a full bag …

Large-size freezer bag

Large-size freezer bag

… and then boil ‘em up for a few hours …

Bubble, bubble, veggie trouble

Bubble, bubble, veggie trouble

… I usually reduce 4 liters of liquid down to one liter of concentrated stock, then once it’s cool …

Ice-cube sized, for your cooking convenience

Ice-cube sized, for your cooking convenience


And now, about Coco, the Community Cat  …

Don’t worry she’s still alive

Don’t worry she’s still alive

Her person is a little old lady who has found she can’t keep up with the maintenance of her house and has moved into an apartment in town, taking Coco with her.

We miss her terribly

We miss her terribly

We do know, however, that when the time is right another cat will present herself to us, and we’ll be staff-persons again.

Coco, the Community Cat  … lived across the way with her primary staff-person, but acquired a collection of subsidiary residences along our end of our little road, whom she regularly visited for BBQ’s and cuddles and naps.


Torn Between Two Rodents

It’s all the squirrel’s fault. The pair of ‘em, being all cute and everything.

Yes folks, it’s time for the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards!

This year I did pick the winner from the magnificent list of finalists. Go check ’em out.

Here she, or he, is … the winning SKWRL …

The Champion! ... 'Caught in the Act' by Mary McGowan

The Champion! … ‘Caught in the Act’ by Mary McGowan

… and mentioned honourably …

'Splits' by Geert Weggen

‘Splits’ by Geert Weggen

Bon Voyage, Stan Lee

No more goofy cameo appearances in Marvel Superhero movies.

May they have a great art studio for you, Stan, wherever you end up.

You Wanna See Some Cool Magic?

Free Books – about Writerly Stuff

One day only, from now, 5.30pm-ish Pacific Daylight Time – Thursday 1st November

Kitten not included

Kitten not included

Plus, if you scroll down you can enter to win a print copy of ’em all!

I found about this through my friend Nicholas Rossis’ blog post. He’s got a book in the deal.