Mortal Instinct

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Mortal Instinct: Where magic and mysticism, technology and lesbians exist side-by-side.

Mortal Instinct is set on Argol, a planet of the Gallery – a vast other-worldly web of corridors spun from the body of an Immortal Being. These glittering corridors link the worlds of the Mortal Realm. Anyone brave enough to step through a Portal can journey through them from world to world.

Something is happening to the Gallery, something … mortal.


Fiery earthpower rises from the heart of the land at the behest of a Sacred Circle. Three friends find themselves responsible for a mystical Sphere that has the power to destroy or save the Gallery, and even the Mortal Realm itself.

Immortal beings interfere, ex-lovers intrude, egos and politics get in the way. In spite of all these distractions, they must achieve their destiny before the Sphere awakens and decides its own fate.


A Quote From Mabel

I finished your book by the way! Quel detailed world you built! It’s  golden age sci fi crossed with hot-to-trot lesbians! Nice job. :-)


If you’d like to know how Mortal Instinct came about, here’s the story.


And …

An excerpt:

A Portal glowed fiercely, then shattered. Wind rushed through the broken Hall.

Chalone’s face turned white. She barged through the fleeing crowd to Liesha’s side. “The corridors are being ripped apart!” she shouted above the roar of rushing air and an alarm that no one had thought to shut off.

“I can see that,” Liesha said too loudly as the sound eased, and picked up the headset the gale had swept from her head. She’d had no time to reintegrate her implants and used it to communicate with the ECHO network. “I am going to stop this.”

The alarm finally fell silent. “You can’t stop it,” Chalone said.

“What do you mean?” Liesha suddenly grabbed her arms hard enough to cause bruises. Chalone winced and she released her grip. “Sorry,” she apologized. “Tell me.”

“Mor brought us back in time to the moment just after we left,” Chalone explained.

Liesha looked blank for a moment and then she turned as pale as Chalone. “We are witnessing the beginning of the maelstrom in the Hub!” She looked aghast at the dying Hall.

“Not all of it. Our Portals aren’t enough to create that monstrosity, but if this is happening throughout the Gallery…?” Chalone swallowed hard.

Liesha focused inward, listening to a strident voice issuing from her headset. “I still have to stop it here,” she said with jagged determination.

“You have that kind of power? Why didn’t you use it when we were trapped in the Hub?” Chalone accused.

“I was not able to. It requires many ECHOs, and our communications do not work in the Gallery.”

Vian finished giving orders for crowd control, organized the evacuation of the nearby houses, and initiated the clause in the council charter that gave her immediate and total control of all the resources she ever needed or wanted. She interrupted Chalone and Liesha.

“Hurry,” she said to Liesha. “If you can’t hold at least one of the Portals, then we’re marooned here forever. Everything we’ve all worked for will be lost.”

“I am aware of that fact,” Liesha snapped back at her.

Chalone looked from one to the other. “You both knew this would happen.”

“Not exactly,” Vian said. “The ECHO hierarchy have suspected something similar for a while. Hence their frenzied attempts to get their communications working inside the Gallery,” she said pointedly and pulled Chalone away from Liesha, gathering up Pirelle and Jalemi. “Let’s leave Liesha to get on with it.”


Cover art by Dawne Dominique

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